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Digital Leadership

Supporting leadership in technology and digital learning through coaching, resources, events, and other capacity-building initiatives.

Building leadership capacity in digital learning

Principals, superintendents, and other educational leaders have a lot on their to-do lists. Through our coaching program and other capacity-building initiatives, we can share the load and help focus on what matters most – increasing student learning, improving engagement, and empowering teachers.

The LTC also has its fingers on the pulse of the latest developments from ISBE and the Illinois state government. Educational leaders can count on us for timely updates about new mandates and guidance affecting K-12 education and technology.

Upcoming Events

Digital Leadership Events

Google Certified Coach Cohort | Fall-Spring 2023

| $175

Are you an instructional coach looking to deepen your expertise and grow professionally? If so, the Google Certified Coach Mentor program is for you! This program empowers instructional coaches to drive impactful technology use in their schools using Google’s structured, year-long curriculum and research-based 5-step coaching model.

Nicole Zumpano
Nicole Zumpano
Director of Instructional Technology Coaching, Learning Technology Center

Artificial Intelligence in Your Classroom

| $30

Artificial intelligence is here, and unlike what you’ve seen in the movies, AI isn’t coming to destroy humans – it’s coming to disrupt our classrooms. Should educators be afraid, excited, or both? Can educators embrace AI’s potential while ensuring their students still learn the value of creating original work?

Eric Santos
Eric Santos
Regional Educational Technology Coordinator | Chicagoland, Learning Technology Center

E-Rate 470 Virtual Workshop

| Free

Learn and complete the first phase of your E-Rate application with an E-Rate expert on hand – all from the convenience of your office or living room!

Mindy Fiscus
Mindy Fiscus
Director of Government Affairs, Learning Technology Center