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Technology Audits

Outside Perspective on Internal Systems

The LTC provides free district technology assessments to Illinois public school districts through funding from the Illinois State Board of Education.

Our Process
  1. Initial In-Person or Virtual Discover Call. We schedule a consultation via Zoom to find out more about your specific needs, both immediate and long-term. We will also discuss our assessment process and establish a timeframe for your upgrade project.
  2. On-Site Discovery Visit. Next, we schedule an on-site visit so that our team can get hands-on while evaluating your network infrastructure. Depending on your district size, this could consist of one or more visits, with follow-up emails to solidify your network’s present condition and operation standards.
  3. Assessment Document with Curated Recommendations. After evaluating your district’s infrastructure and stated needs, we will provide a customized upgrade plan, including an assessment of your technology’s current structure, recommendations for improvements that align with current best practices, and a project guide to help kick-start your short- and long-term upgrade efforts.
  4. Follow-up Communications and/or Visits. We always follow up with you to ensure you have all the support and resources to upgrade your network. We can even return to your district for further evaluation and guidance at your request.

Technology Audit Deliverables include, but are not limited to: 

  • Identification of outdated hardware or software that might pose security or compatibility risks  
  • Identification of any areas where user experience could be improved:
    • WiFi
    • Firewall/Filtering
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Interactive Boards
    • Security Cameras
    • Door access controls
  • Considerations for improvement in areas such as:
    • Technology Inventory
    • Google Workspace administration
    • Server deployment
    • Documentation
    • Help desk reporting
    • Software updates and consolidation
    • Network Design and Topology
  • Specific recommendations to enhance network performance and security (if applicable)
  • Guidance on SOPPA compliance
  • Prioritization of risks or improvements based on severity or potential impact  
  • Resources for professional development, E-Rate, and purchasing

Assessments are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we typically schedule 2-4 per month.We prioritize audit requests based on district needs due to staff size.

Duane Shaffer
Duane Shaffer
Network and Information Technology Specialist, Learning Technology Center

Duane assists Illinois school districts with enhancing and maintaining their overall network and technology infrastructure, systems, processes, and applications.