Resources created by the LTC that address essential and relevant K-12 education and technology topics.

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District Website Checklist

The District Website Checklist is a component of the more extensive Legal Reference Guide published by the Learning Technology Center and is designed to assist school districts in navigating the landscape of legal obligations.



Strengthen your district’s cybersecurity posture with this free guide for technology leaders, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to implement auditing, professional development, incident response and disaster recovery planning, and much more.


Monthly Tech Tips

The LTC team monthly features their top edtech apps and strategies in a concise video, ideal for sharing with colleagues and peers.


Save Money with Cooperative Purchasing

What is cooperative purchasing? How can it help your district select trusted tech vendors while saving time, effort, and money? This white paper offers answers + an intro to Illinois’ cooperative purchasing program, ILTPP.

Resource Collections

3D Printing Resources

Technology Integration is fundamental for an effective digital learning experience, here’s an Infographic with 8 digital skills every teacher needs to know along side with the best programs to support them!


Instructional Technology Coaching to Enhance Professional Practice

Instructional Technology Coaching to Enhance Professional Practice details the rationale and need for instructional technology coaches in school districts across Illinois. This report highlights the role of an instructional technology coach and the Learning Technology


Technology Documentation Guide

Using Google Drive and Docs, this Technology Documentation Guide can help districts more effectively organize critical technology-related documents in a single digital repository.


Sample Communications when using IL-NDPA

LTC resource for communicating with vendors about SOPPA and the IL-NDPA.


Illinois-National Data Privacy Agreement v1.0a (IL-NDPA)

The IL-NDPA is a data privacy agreement that has been created at a national level by the Student Data Privacy Consortium and customized at a State of Illinois level by the Illinois Council of School


Checklist for using the IL-NDPA – Originating or Subscribing

This checklist gives tips and suggestions on the best ways of using the IL-NDPA in combination with the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) database.


Managing Agreements with ISPA

LTC Resource sharing a workflow for the management of data privacy agreements for SOPPA.


Using ISPA to Comply with SOPPA

LTC Resource sharing a workflow for managing SOPPA in your District.


Getting Started with SOPPA

LTC Resource sharing information about getting started with SOPPA.


National Data Privacy Agreement + Illinois Exhibit

The National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) streamlines application contracting and sets common expectations between schools/districts and marketplace providers. The LTC created an Illinois-specific exhibit that modifies the NDPA for use in Illinois, making it compliant


The Return to Learn Playbook


Technology Integration Framework

This framework is versatile and easy to implement, with sections broken down by topic (such as assessment and digital citizenship) and difficulty level (ranging from basic to advanced). The core plan is device- and platform-agnostic

Resource Collections

Resources for Careers in EdTech

This resource delivers concise information on specific certifications and endorsements, guiding individuals in their pursuit of professional development.


Reasonable Security Practices

The Learning Technology Center recommends 43 security best practices, aligned with CIS Controls and vetted by Illinois school technology leaders, to comply with the Student Online Personal Protection Act.


Legislative Brief: Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA)