About Us

About the LTC

Leaders in Educational Technology

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is a program of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and we are Illinois’ technology system of support for K-12 school districts and educators. We know the importance of technology in the modern learning environment, and that is why we work across the state to develop services and programs that have a meaningful and lasting impact. Our scope is broad, our work is diverse, and our team and partners are dedicated. We are the LTC.

Mission: We support all K12 districts, schools, and educators in Illinois through technology initiatives, services, and professional learning opportunities. Our work addresses high-need technology and digital learning challenges, and we help schools increase access to and use of technology to improve educational opportunities for students.

Vision: To ensure that all K12 school districts and schools can fully leverage technology’s ability to enhance and transform the learning experience.

Three Decades of Serving Illinois K-12 Schools

Since 1995, the Learning Technology Center has supported modern technology environments in all Illinois K-12 schools. Over our nearly 30 years of service, we’ve expanded our reach to all corners of the state, lead future-focused technology initiatives, and hosted countless professional learning opportunities for educators, administrators, and technology support staff.

Core Focuses

Our Focus Areas

We provide technology services and learning opportunities that further the following focus areas:

Classroom Integration

Support for classrooms and districts focused on making the most of their edtech tools, including hardware, software, and emerging solutions.

Online and Blended Learning

Guidance and resources for cementing digital learning’s place in K-12 schools.

Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Resources, professional learning, and support for building the next generation of engaged, knowledgeable, and responsible digital citizens.

Computer Science & STEM

Resources, professional learning, and support for fostering robust computer science and STEM programs and knowledgeable educators.

Digital Leadership

Supporting leadership in technology and digital learning through coaching, resources, events, and other capacity building initiatives.

Technology Planning, Procurement and Evaluation

Resources and services to support the technology infrastructure and digital curriculum lifecycle, including need assessment, strategic planning, procurement, and evaluation.

Connectivity and Digital Equity

Trainings and consulting support for obtaining state, federal, and grant funding for connectivity and technology.

Network & Systems Management

Assisting districts with the planning, management, deployment, and maintenance of essential networks and system hardware.

Data Privacy

Resources, professional learning, services, and support for helping districts protect student data and mission-critical data.


Services, resources, and professional learning to help technology leaders plan for and respond to emerging digital threats.

Leadership Team

Tim McIlvain

Executive Director

Leadership, Operations

Tim directs the Learning Technology Center, providing strategic leadership, expertise, and operational management for statewide technology and digital learning initiatives.

Brian Bates

Associate Executive Director of Professional Learning

Leadership, Professional Learning Services

Brian leads and develops events, programs, and resources in support of digital learning, digital citizenship, emerging technologies, technology integration, and computer science.

Mindy Fiscus

Director of Government Affairs


Mindy provides leadership, expertise, and support related to broadband connectivity, equipment and device access, and funding sources, including E-Rate.

Kristi Connelly

Marketing & Communications Director

Communications, Leadership

Kristi leads the Communications team and works to propel the LTC’s image through consistent messaging, strategy, and community engagement.

Jared Lynn

Director of Technology Services

Leadership, Technology Services

Jared leads and supports events, programs, and initiatives related to network infrastructure, data privacy, cybersecurity, technical support, and technology services.

Nicole Zumpano

Director of Instructional Technology Coaching

Instructional Technology Coaching, Leadership

Nicole oversees the LTC’s Instructional Technology Coaching Program, supervising a statewide team of instructional technology coaches and supporting participating districts’ program implementation.

Hope Hardin-Borbely

Purchasing Cooperative Manager

Leadership, Purchasing Cooperative

Hope leads ILTPP, a free, member-based program for negotiated educational technology contracts. She also manages vendor relationships, coordinates negotiated contracts, and leads cooperative membership services, including quote requests and group purchases.

Ben Sondgeroth

Lead Regional Educational Technology Coordinator | Northern Illinois

Leadership, Regional EdTech Services

Ben leads the LTC’s RETC team and facilitates ongoing professional learning events for teachers, administrators, and technology staff in northern Illinois.