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Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Resources, professional learning, and support for building the next generation of engaged, knowledgeable, and responsible digital citizens.

District, school, and classroom strategies & support

Digital literacy is big, not just in terms of impact for today’s students, but also when it comes to individual competencies. Whether you’re teaching media literacy, digital ethics, online safety, or computer literacy, the LTC can provide support geared toward individual classrooms and institution-level strategies.

Upcoming Events

Digital Literacy & Citizenship Events

Bringing SEL and EdTech Together


The past few school years have introduced students and educators to a variety of previously unfamiliar edtech terms and phrases – distance and hybrid learning among them. SEL or social-emotional learning has also been at the forefront of educational topics in schools across the country, even though the concept has existed for several decades up to this point. This session will explore the essentials of SEL and how it can be incorporated into the classroom as well as strategies for utilizing your edtech tools to accomplish SEL goals.

AA#1788 Connected Leaders: Leveraging the Power of Social Networks

| $210

By leveraging social media, educational leaders can connect with experts across their communities and the world to expand their perspectives, build relationships, and create opportunities for student learning. Face-to-face networks […]

2022 Digital Literacy Conference

| $25

Join teachers and other education stakeholders for a one-day virtual conference centered on this new literacy, with presenters offering their views on how to best integrate digital literacy into instruction across several subject areas.