Instructional Technology Coaching to Enhance Professional Practice

01 Feb 2023
Nicole Zumpano
Nicole Zumpano
Director of Instructional Technology Coaching, Learning Technology Center

This report details the rationale and need for instructional technology coaches in Illinois school districts, including current research highlighting coaching’s effectiveness compared to traditional professional learning solutions.

This report also highlights the role of an instructional technology coach in a K-12 school setting as well as the benefits of participating in the Learning Technology Center’s Instructional Technology Coaching Program.

My LTC coach is an exceptional coach and ever available wealth of information coupled with humor, enthusiasm, patience and encouragement. He has provided me with invaluable pedagogical resources that daily inform my instruction. He has taken away my fear of and for technology and is instrumental in helping me understand the nuances of several platforms and tools. Succinctly, he is superb!

Thank you for having grace for me not “knowing” [technology tool].

You are fantastic! We are so thankful for all the support you provided us and our kiddos! Making the templates and the example pages were instrumental and so very helpful. We loved working with you! Our kiddos enjoyed seeing your comments on their pages, too. Thank you!

Always adaptable! You listen to my thoughts and put them together in a way that makes sense and is simple and easy.

Thank you for all that you do for our school! Thank you for encouraging me to be the best version of myself.

My LTC coach was so accommodating, energetic, and knowledgeable. She made a daunting project, writing a research paper, fun and engaging for our students. My co-teacher and I are so thankful for her expertise and willingness to help rookies with something new in the technology arena!


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Nicole Zumpano
Nicole Zumpano
Director of Instructional Technology Coaching, Learning Technology Center

Nicole oversees the LTC’s Instructional Technology Coaching Program, supervising a statewide team of instructional technology coaches and supporting participating districts’ program implementation.