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Virtual Coaching for Teachers

Program Details

Could your teachers use a reflection partner or an edtech specialist to help them plan tech-rich instruction? How about 1:1 or small group training on that tech tool you’ve wanted to try?

A virtual LTC technology coach can do all of that and more! Our coaches are certified educators, Google Certified Coaches, and experts on the convergence of pedagogy and technology. They work with teachers and schools to provide ongoing virtual support that enhances teachers’ use of technology, with the long-term goal of improving student learning outcomes.

Our virtual tech coaching program is flexible, too. Districts can make coaching fit their budget by choose how many days their coach is virtually available to support teachers. This support could include:

  • Meeting with teachers 1:1 or small group to plan instruction that involves technology
  • Training on technology applications
  • Resource development
  • Informal coaching
  • Co-planning
  • Goal setting
  • Data analysis
  • Facilitation of Professional Development


Want more information? Contact Nicole Zumpano, Director of Instructional Technology Coaching

Meet the Team

Our Instructional Technology Coaches are certified educators, Google Certified Educators (Level 1 and 2), Google Certified Coaches, and Google Certified Trainers. Many are former classroom teachers, too, so they can meet your district’s teachers where they are and help them troubleshoot their unique technology integration challenges with ease and empathy.

Nicole Zumpano

Director of Instructional Technology Coaching

Amy Graham

Instructional Technology Coach

Brian Krause

Instructional Technology Coach

Stacie Tefft

Instructional Technology Coach

Patricia Ferris

Instructional Technology Coach

Emily Pool

Instructional Technology Coach

Elizabeth Byam

Instructional Technology Coach

Jennifer Leban

Instructional Technology Coach

Anne Kasa

Instructional Technology Coach