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The LTC supports Illinois K-12 schools and educators as they strive to grow their own CS curriculum and comply with forthcoming state-level mandates. This digital resource library can help accomplish both goals by providing access to vetted CS resources geared toward a variety of grade levels, content areas, and use cases.

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AAUW Cybersecurity

When it comes to the STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering and math – research shows one of the best ways to engage students is with hands-on learning. This type of learning encourages interaction and exploration, which

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Allsides provides balanced news to readers by identifying media bias and teaching students to be aware that bias exists.

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American Society for Cybernetics

The American Society for Cybernetics was founded in 1964 in Washington, DC to encourage new developments in cybernetics as an inter-/trans-/meta-disciplinary field. Ever since, it has remained at the forefront of cybernetic thinking and doing.

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Anita Borg Institute

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Association for Women in Computing

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AWS Educate

Online, Blended, and Remote LearningRemote Learning

Back to School on a Budget

Check out these creative workspace solutions for the at-home, remote learners in your life.

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BBC Bitesize