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The Learning Technology Center

The Learning Technology Center is a statewide program that supports all public K-12 districts, schools, and educators through technology initiatives, services, and professional learning opportunities. Our goal is to maximize school districts’ access to technology and enhance districts’ use of technology to improve educational opportunities for the students of Illinois.

Events & Training

Professional development events and training that focus on educational technology trends and best practices. From self-paced to interactive workshops, educators learn practical skills and integration strategies they can implement in the classroom immediately.

Customizable Training

Customizable in-person and virtual trainings that empower educators to utilize existing edtech tools and discover new edtech integration strategies. From STEM and Google certifications to media literacy and digital learning, educators walk away with the tools, connections, and confidence needed to enhance learning experiences through today’s educational technology.


Free downloadable lesson plans, reports, legal briefs, and how-to guides curated to help teachers, coaches, administrators, and library media specialists streamline their workflow and inform their decision-making.


We Support Districts, Schools and Educators Across the State of Illinois


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Upcoming Events

The LTC holds over 900 professional learning events a year!

Find the perfect PD opportunity for you or your district. Educators will learn, connect, and grow using technology tools that empower educational change with hundreds of options each year for professional growth.

AI for Educators Book Study (Section 1)

| Free

Let’s explore the potential challenges and opportunities of AI in the classroom while reading and discussing Matt Miller’s newest book, “AI for Educators”. This contemporary look at the state of AI offers educators a peak into AI’s progress up to this point, the ethics of integrating AI into education, and strategies for preparing every classroom for the continued evolution of AI-powered edtech.

Matt Jacobson
Matt Jacobson
Online Learning Coordinator, Learning Technology Center

Edcamp Illinois Coaches

| Free

Join us at Edcamp Illinois Coaches, a participant-driven professional development event where you can collaborate and learn from your peers. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and make meaningful connections with fellow coaches!

Nicole Zumpano
Nicole Zumpano
Director of Instructional Technology Coaching, Learning Technology Center CS Discoveries Summer Workshop – St. Louis, Missouri

| $1200

Come discover the many ways CS Discoveries can help your students grow as CS learners during this year’s multi-day summer cohort!

Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Technology Coordinator, Technology Coordinator Indian Prairie CUSD 204

“The LTC Community keeps me in the loop. I could NOT do SOPPA without their assistance. Love the on-demand webinars for tech tools that I can share with teachers.”

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Computer Science (CS)FundingSTEM

New Resource: STEM Grants & Scholarships Collection

Need some extra funds to get your next STEM initiative off the ground? Your school is likely eligible for a grant or two. Check out our new STEM grant collection to see for yourself!

Eric Santos
Eric Santos
Regional Educational Technology Coordinator | Chicagoland, Learning Technology Center
Classroom IntegrationInstructional Technology CoachingLeadershipLevelEDup Magazine

Three Perspectives: Supporting Technology Integration to Enhance Student Engagement

Individual devices and apps alone cannot generate novel student engagement. It takes the effort of teachers, coaches, and administrators working in tandem to allow technology to bring out the best in students. See how in

Ami Engel
Ami Engel
Executive Director of Innovation and Science, Community Unit School District 300

Cybersecurity Crisis Response Groups: How They Can Keep your District Secure

In the event of a cyber incident, who ya gonna call? Unfortunately, the Ghostbusters can’t help you here. But your friends and peers sure can. See how a cybersecurity crisis response group can keep your

Duane Shaffer
Duane Shaffer
Network and Information Technology Specialist, Learning Technology Center