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About the Learning Technology Center

What is the Learning Technology Center?

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is an Illinois State Board of Education program that supports all public K-12 districts, schools, and educators through technology initiatives, services, and professional learning opportunities. Learn more about the LTC, our mission, and our history on our “About Us” page.

Where are the Learning Technology Center staff located?

Learning Technology Center (LTC) staff are housed within Regional Offices of Education throughout Illinois, including those in Belleville, Champaign, DeKalb, Loves Park, Macomb, Quincy, Robinson, Springfield, Sterling, and Wheaton.

Our main office is part of the Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education #9 (ROE #9), located at 3358 Big Pine Trail, Champaign, Illinois, 61822.

Is the Learning Technology Center part of the Illinois State Board of Education?

The Learning Technology Center is an independent organization led by an Executive Director. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) provides funding and program oversight through an intergovernmental agreement with the Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education #9 (ROE#9). In exchange, ROE#9 provides financial and operational oversight.

I need assistance. Who do I contact?

Questions, comments, or technical support may be requested by using this Contact Us form or by contacting staff members directly.

Technology Support support@ltcillinois.org
Professional Learning and Events events@ltcillinois.org
Cooperative Purchasing support@ltcillinois.org
Billing and Accounts accounting@ltcillinois.org
What is a Regional Office of Education (ROE) and how is this different from the Learning Technology Center?

Regional Offices of Education are led by a Regional Superintendent of Schools, the only elected education professional office in Illinois. ROEs are essential support offices, partnering with the Illinois State Board of Education and school districts to support local school districts, educators, and students.

The Learning Technology Center is a statewide organization that works collaboratively with all ROEs to support technology professional learning and services. Our main office is located in an ROE office (ROE #9) in Champaign.

Does the LTC charge for services?

Most of our services are free, including consultations and technical assistance. Events are routinely provided for free or at a low cost. Details about event fees are available on the customized professional learning page.

I live in X area. Does the LTC provide support in my area?

We provide technology support, services, and professional learning to all educators and district personnel in Illinois. To accomplish this at a local level, we maintain a staff of Regional Educational Technology Coordinators (RETC) in each of the state’s several regions.

If you’re in need of localized support, contact the RETC for your region:

Ben Sondgeroth North and Northeast (815) 625-1495
Holly Kelly East Central hkelly@ltcillinois.org
Joe Cipfl South (618) 825-3918
Lisa Schwartz West Central (217) 277-2086
Nicole Zumpano Chicagoland (630) 407-6086
I don’t work at a public school. Can I still use your services?

Our primary target audience is public school districts, schools, and their employees. That said, we welcome all educators to attend our professional learning events or participate in our purchasing cooperative, ILTPP. The only limit is on the amount of one-on-one support we’re able to provide, though we will always work hard to help connect you to resources or services that can help you reach your edtech goals.

I am passionate about X. How can I help with a specific project or event? I would like to be involved.

We are always looking for ways to engage Illinois educators and community partners. Please contact us at support@ltcillinois with your ideas!

Professional Learning and Events

How do I learn about what events are in my area?

The Learning Technology Center offers over 500 events per year. Many are open to the public and listed on the LTC Events page of our website. Alternatively, you can contact any of our staff for additional details.

I would like to schedule professional learning in my district. How do I do that?

We work with hundreds of districts each year to provide customized in-person and virtual professional learning. More information is available on the Customized In-District Professional Learning page, or you can contact one of our Regional Educational Technology Coordinators to schedule a consultation.

Do I have to be an educator in Illinois to attend events?

Some events may have limited capacity, and Illinois educators and personnel will be given priority registration. Unless indicated otherwise, all professional learning events are open to all participants.

Registration and Professional Development Hours

I cannot find my organization on the registration form.

To search for your organization, begin by typing in your organization name. This will bring up several options in a drop-down list, allowing you to choose your organization. Please note that if you are a part of a K-12 public school, then you should search for your district and not your school name to find your organization.

I can only see “A” options and “M” options in the organization field.

Please begin typing in your organization’s name and the options will populate. By default, only a few organizations appear with no text.

I did not recieve an event confirmation email.

If you registered for an LTC event and did not receive an email confirmation, please contact us at events@ltcillinois.org.

Do you issue PD hours or Administrator Academy Credit for events?

Yes, many of our events offer PD Hours for certified educators and AA credit for certified administrators. Each event on the LTC calendar displays the number of hours or credits issued to attendees.

How long after an event can I expect to recieve my PD hours?

PD Hours for LTC-hosted events will be sent out post-event. Please allow up to 3 business days for those hours to arrive in your email inbox. The first email will include an evaluation and, upon completion of the evaluation, the second email will contain your Evidence of Completion form.

I did not receive my Evidence of Completion (PD Hours) form.

Following your event, an evaluation will be sent to the email that you used to register. That evaluation must be completed before the Evidence of Completion form will be sent. If you have filled out the evaluation form and have not received your Evidence of Completion form, please email us at events@ltcillinois.orga

Please allow up to 3 business days following your event for PD hours to be issued.

Online Professional Development

How do I reset my Canvas Password

Visit canvas.ltcillinois.org and click the “Set or Forgot Password” link.

What does a typical course look like?

The typical course structure varies. Shorter, two-hour (or fewer) credit courses are meant to be self-paced, with a “Learn, Do, and Explore” structure. Courses worth more professional development credits may be synchronous or asynchronous, and require participants to submit/post more frequently.

Can I register for an online course after the start date?

This depends on the type of course you intend to register for. 

Courses that are labeled as “Self-Paced” feature ongoing, open enrollment, meaning that you may join at any time during the enrollment period. To view the enrollment period, click the “Register Now!” button beneath the appropriate listing on the Online Courses page.

If you select a “Facilitated” or Book Study course, you will not be allowed to register after the start date. Registration closes a couple of days prior to the start of these online courses, so be sure to register ahead of time. Registration closure date information is available on the registration page for each of the online courses. 

Check back often as new opportunities will be posted frequently throughout the year.

Will the same LTC courses be available again, after the end date?

Yes, some LTC courses are repeated routinely. However, a timeline for repeating the courses may vary depending on delivery method, course length, facilitator availability, and/or demand.Yes, some LTC courses are repeated routinely. However, a timeline for repeating the courses may vary depending on delivery method, course length, facilitator availability, and/or demand.

Are there certain times I have to attend during an online course?

Always review the relevant course information before registering. There, you will find specific attendance requirements (if any).

Shorter, two credit hour (or fewer) courses are self-paced. As a result, they typically do not require at a specific time. 

Longer courses and micro-credentials, meanwhile, may be synchronous or asynchronous. These courses tend to include some attendance requirements which will be announced in advance of the course’s commencement.

If you have additional questions about attendance requirements, please contact the LTC’s Online Learning Specialist, Matt Jacobson (mjacobson@ltcillinois.org).

What is the typical time commitment for an online course?

The amount of time needed for completion will vary from course to course. Always review the number of Professional Development Hours (PD Hours) issued for a particular course. You can expect to spend approximately that amount of time on that course.

How do I check my PD hours?

Once the course is completed, our instructors will review the artifacts for completion. Shortly after, an evaluation form will be sent to your email. Once that evaluation has been completed, you will receive your Evidence of Completion via email.

If you have not received your evaluation form in a timely manner, please email Brian Bates (bbates@ltcillinois.org).

I am having trouble registering. What do I do?

If you are having problems with registration, please email Matt Jacobson (mjacobson@ltcillinois.org).

How do I log in to start my online course?

Please visit the following website to log in to your online course: https://canvas.ltcillinois.org/login/canvas?newlogin=true

Once you have arrived on this page, enter the email address you used to register for the course and press “Request Password.” You will then receive an email that prompts you to set your password. From there, you will be prompted to log in.

Note: You will not be able to log in prior to the start date.

Do I need to create my own Canvas account, or will one be created for me?

After registering for a course, a Canvas account will be created for you.

Can I use a pre-existing Canvas account from my school or organization, or will one be created for me?

It’s great that you have a pre-existing account from your school or organization. But for LTC courses, a separate Canvas account will be necessary. An LTC Canvas account  will be created for you after registering for a course.

What happens if I do not complete a course?

We understand that life gets busy and that sometimes, there are obstacles that can’t be overcome. However, to receive professional development credit, you must complete the requirements listed in each course. As such, no partial credit will be given.

Do not hesitate to contact your course facilitator if you fall behind and need assistance.

In order to earn PD hours, by when do I need to complete my coursework?

Each online course has a specific start date and end date. Please be sure to check the end date for your particular course and make sure that all required work is submitted on Canvas by that date.

Are office hours available?

Office hours in the traditional sense may or may not be available, depending on the type of course. Instructor contact information, however, is listed on the homepage of each course, should you need to speak with your instructor.

May I contact my instructor directly if I have a question?

Yes! If you have questions regarding the course or assignments, please reach out to your individual instructor for clarification. For tech support, contact the LTC at https://ltcillinois.org/connect/.

Will future course be offered?

Yes! The LTC is hard at work identifying timely topics and developing content for new online courses.

Technology Services

What tech support services does the LTC provide?

The Learning Technology Center provides free IT consulting and technical assistance to district leadership and technology teams. Areas of focus include technology planning, device management, and technology management. 

Additional details are available on the Technology Services and Support page.

Who should I talk to about technology support/ assessment?

Contact Chris Wherley, our Director of Technology Services, for more information about technology support and assessment. He can be reached at cwherley@ltcillinois.org.

May I contact my instructor directly if I have a question?

Yes! If you have questions regarding the course or assignments, please reach out to your individual instructor for clarification. For tech support, contact the LTC at https://ltcillinois.org/connect/.

Will future course be offered?

Yes! The LTC is hard at work identifying timely topics and developing content for new online courses.

Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

What is the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP), and how is it related to the Learning Technology Center?

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) is an initiative of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) and contributes to the LTC’s mission of building statewide capacity for educational change through technology-related professional learning, programs, initiatives, and support.

Functionally, ILTPP operates as an educational technology purchasing cooperative, wherein members gain access to a variety of special contracts with ILTPP’s vendor partners. These contracts often provide educational programs with better pricing on goods and services, particularly when buying at a large volume.

More information and membership applications are available at www.iltpp.org.

What is cooperative purchasing?

In accordance with Illinois School Code 10 ILCS 5/10-20/21 and the State of Illinois Unified Procurement Program, entities may participate in a cooperative purchasing agreement to procure products or services in accordance with a contract established by another government entity provided that such a contract was established in accordance with the state laws and regulations applicable to the establishing governmental entity.

What are the benefits of becoming and ILTPP cooperative member?

By becoming a member and participating in the program, school districts, city/county, and educational non-profits are able to secure a greater return for the expenditure of public funds and smaller sized members can secure the price advantages of larger volume purchasing. All eligible program members can save by making the purchases from ILTPP contracts since the program utilizes its expansive buying power in volume purchasing to contract for the lowest and best price with qualified suppliers. Over 50 contracts are available to use for technology-related products/services and classroom materials.

What does it cost to join the ILTPP?

Nothing! ILTPP membership is completely free.

Who can become and ILTPP member?

These are the primary groups who are presently eligible for ILTPP membership:

Public PK-12 school districts
Private PK-12 school districts
Regional Offices of Education and Programs
Special Education Districts and Cooperatives
Vocational Technology Schools
Learning Technology Center
Educational Service Agencies

How do I become an ILTPP member?

Visit ILTPP’s membership submission page to learn more about their application process – https://iltpp.org/become-a-member/benefits/institution

Does ILTPP sell anything?

No. ILTPP works with its vendor partners to supply its members with competitive pricing on technology items. Members then purchase their desired items directly from those vendor partners using ILTPP’s on-file contracts.

I have other questions about ILTPP. Who can I contact to learn more?

ILTPP maintains its own FAQ page, which can be found here – https://iltpp.org/faq

If you do not find the answer you’re looking for there, you can send your questions (including about membership and eligibility) to learnmore@iltpp.org or call 217-531-6438.

Instructional Technology Coaching

What is the Instructional Coaching Program?

Through participation in the LTC’s Instructional Technology Coaching Program, school districts gain access to a highly qualified Instructional Technology Coach that supports the effective integration of educational technology at the classroom, building, and district level. 

More information can be found on the program page.

How can my district join the Instructional Technology Program?

If your district is interested, please contact Tim McIlvain (tmcilvain@ltcillinois.org.)

Additional information is also available on the Instructional Technology Coaching Program page.


I represent an in-state or out-of-state organization providing training for educators, and we are not an official PD Provider. Will you issues PD Hours to our registrants?

If you are providing professional learning opportunities for educators, administrators, or IT staff on a technology or digital learning topic, then yes, we are happy to work with you to provide PD Hours.

Billing and Accounts

How do I pay for an event?

The Learning Technology Center will invoice attendees after the event finishes.

Who do I make checks out to?

Learning Technology Center of Illinois

Where should I mail payments?

The Learning Technology Center of Illinois, 3358 Big Pine Trail, Champaign, IL, 61822

Can I pay with a credit card?

If you need to pay an outstanding invoice with a credit card, please contact accounting@ltcillinois.org.

Where can I send my purchase order?

For questions about purchase orders, contact LTC Accounting (accounting@ltcillinois.org).

To where do you send out invoices?

We mail invoices to the address identified in the appropriate registration form. If you would like your invoice sent elsewhere, please contact LTC Accounting (accounting@ltcillinois.org).

Who do I speak to about billing questions?

All billing questions can be answered by LTC Accounting (accounting@ltcillinois.org) or by emailing support@ltcillinois.org.

Need Help with Specific Issues?

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