District Operations

Technology Consulting

District and School Consulting & Support

Our IT consulting services support Illinois public school districts in navigating the complexities of technology planning, deployment, management, and privacy.

With a focus on fostering innovative learning environments, our goal is to ensure that technology serves as a powerful tool for enriching teaching and learning.

Why Work with Us

Experienced, Unbiased Consulting

Our team, comprising seasoned technology specialists and former district technology directors, possesses deep technical expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the essential skills required for educational technology leadership. Partnering with the LTC provides access to a vendor-neutral ally, ensuring unbiased advice tailored to your district’s unique needs and goals.

No-Cost Consulting

Our grant-funded, cost-free services to Illinois public school districts remove financial hurdles to accessing top-tier technology consulting. This allows districts to direct their resources towards impactful educational initiatives, leveraging our expertise in a financially prudent manner.

Our Consulting Services

Planning Support

The foundation of effective technology integration begins with meticulous planning. The LTC assists districts in laying the groundwork for a robust technological framework by providing:

  • Guidance on School and Technology Plans: Collaborating with districts to develop comprehensive plans that align technology with educational objectives.
  • Technical Infrastructure Analysis: Evaluating current infrastructure and recommending improvements to meet future needs.
  • Hardware and Software Procurement Planning: Assisting in the selection and acquisition of the right tools for educational success.
  • Funding Identification: Identifying potential funding sources and providing support in grant application processes.
  • Quote Review and Technology Solutions: Helping to obtain and assess quotes, ensuring the best value and fit for technology investments.
  • Emerging Technology Identification: Keeping districts at the forefront of innovation by identifying and evaluating emerging technologies.
  • Technology Staffing Evaluations: Assessing and planning for the technology staffing needs to support educational goals.

Device Management & Deployment Support

Efficient management and deployment of devices are crucial for maximizing the benefits of educational technology. The LTC offers guidance on:

  • Device Management for Chromebooks, iOS, and Windows Devices: Providing strategies for effective device management to enhance learning.
  • Support for Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft Intune, and Apple School Manager/MDM: Ensuring seamless integration and management of these platforms within the educational environment.

Data Privacy Support

In an era where data privacy is paramount, the LTC leads in the implementation of the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) and advises on best practices for data privacy and student safety. We offer:

  • SOPPA Implementation Guidance: Leading districts through compliance with data privacy laws to protect student information.
  • Consultation on Data Privacy and Student Safety: Offering resources, guidance, and support to safeguard the digital wellbeing of students.

Technology Management

Comprehensive technology management is essential for creating an effective, secure, and sustainable educational technology ecosystem. The LTC advises on:

  • Technical Processes and Solutions: Guiding districts in the selection and implementation of technical solutions that support educational goals.
  • Infrastructure and Hardware/Software Management: Advising on the maintenance and management of technology infrastructure to support learning.
  • Web Services, Data Security, and Compliance: Ensuring the security and compliance of data and online resources.
  • Advice on Firewalls, Filtering, and Antivirus Solutions: Protecting the digital environment from external threats.
  • 1:1 Initiatives, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity: Planning and implementing strategies to ensure continuous learning opportunities.
  • Data Tools Implementation and Evaluation: Assisting with the selection and use of tools for data analysis, integration, and reporting.
  • Website and Communication Tools Compliance: Addressing accessibility and compliance issues to keep digital communication tools effective and inclusive.