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Computer Science & STEM

Resources, professional learning, and support for fostering robust computer science and STEM programs and knowledgeable educators.

Building and supporting CS & STEM educators and innovative programs

Through our partnerships and connections to computer science (CS) educators across the state, we strive to make integrating CS and STEM learning and achieving standards-based compliance an empowering experience for all educators and school districts.

The Illinois State Board of Education defines computer science as the study of computers and algorithms, including their principles, hardware and software designs, implementation, and impact on society. Computer science does not include the study of everyday uses of computers and computer applications, such as keyboarding or accessing the internet. Notably, this is different from computer literacy, “one’s knowledge of and ability to use computers and related technologies efficiently and effectively. More specifically, [it] includes knowing what constitutes a computer, the uses and applications for computers, and the impact of computers on society.”

Upcoming Events

Computer Science & STEM Events

Closing the Gender Gap with Girls Who Code

| Free

Right now, Illinois districts have an unparalleled opportunity to close the gender gap in computer science learning and careers. Join Girls Who Code to discover how their free programs foster a robust passion for CS learning among girls and non-binary students, taking them confidently from primary education through college and career.

Getting Started with K-8 Computer Science Standards

| Free

Tackling Illinois’ new computer science standards may feel like a daunting task. But with the right planning and informed expectations, your district can build a robust K-8 CS program. Join us as we break down each standard in the K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 sets into easy-to-understand chunks.

CS & STEM Networking Meeting

| Free

Join LTC Program Manager Sarah Phelps for a monthly CS & STEM networking meeting where participants can:

– Learn about new resources
– Ask questions
– Share experiences
– Expand their CS professional network

Teachers, administrators, and curriculum stakeholders are invited to attend, as well CS & STEM educators of all experience levels and at all grade levels. Whether you’re just starting out or interested in taking your district’s CS & STEM program to the next level, this networking group will help you achieve your goals.

Computer Science Professional Learning Regional Partnership

Through our partnership, Illinois educators can obtain high-quality CS professional development and curricular resources – often for little-to-no cost. You can also develop the expertise needed make CS learning accessible at any grade level using their ever-growing library of projects and teaching tools.

More than two million teachers have brought CS learning to their classroom through Learn more about how can help you and your district grow CS teaching capacity starting today.