Partnership to expand access and deliver services.

The Learning Technology Center works in partnership with regional, state, and national organizations to maximize school districts’ access to technology and enhance districts’ use of technology to improve educational opportunities for the students of Illinois.

Service Partners

Service partners work with the LTC on specific programs, services, or projects.

ILTPP Vendors

ILTPP vendors participate in the LTC’s purchasing cooperative, the Illinois Learning Technology Purchasing Program (ILTPP). ILTPP saves districts money on popular and relevant technology-related services and products. ILTPP vendors agree to provide special pricing, events, and support for Illinois districts, and in exchange, ILTPP vendors gain access to ILTPP cooperative members.

The LTC maintains a strict vendor-neutral policy, and we do not promote ILTPP vendors over non-ILTPP vendors when supporting districts or providing purchasing recommendations.

Event Sponsors

The LTC hosts two conferences, IETC and EdTech Next, that are open to sponsorships. Sponsor benefits, including special recognition and access to attendees, apply to the event only, and the LTC maintains a strict vendor-neutral policy outside of these two events.