Strategic & Institutional Partners

The Learning Technology Center partners with regional, state, and national organizations to maximize school districts’ access to technology and enhance Illinois districts’ use of technology – all in an effort to improve educational opportunities for every K-12 student.

Strategic Partnerships

To further our mission of advancing education through technology access and practice, the LTC maintains strategic partnerships with public and private partners that share our vision and seek to support all Illinois students, educators, and educational institutions.

Major Institutional Partners

Major institutional partners provide significant financial support that allows the LTC to provide services to over 1,000 educational entities each year.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) provides the majority of funding for the Learning Technology Center. Through ISBE’s generous support, the LTC can provide services for free or low cost to all public K-12 school districts and schools throughout Illinois.

Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners engage with LTC in ongoing, purposeful, substantive and mutually-beneficial collaborations to advance one or more of LTC’s core initiatives.

The Learning Technology Center is the Illinois and Missouri Regional Partner. Through a mutual collaboration, we work to increase access to high-quality computer science professional learning and resources.

AEPA is a national cooperative of education purchasing professionals representing lead agencies in their respective states. Through the LTC’s membership in AEPA, we allow Illinois districts and schools to access competitively bid contracts on designed to save money and time.

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is an unique collaborative of schools, districts, and others who address real-world, adaptable, and implementable solutions to growing data privacy concerns. Through the LTC’s collaboration with SDPC, all school districts in Illinois can utilize the SDPC database to meet SOPPA requirements.

As a Microsoft Global Training Partner, the Learning Technology Center can prepare educators to embrace the digital future with Microsoft. We provide hands-on, problem-based learning so that educators and IT staff can increase student learning, improve workflows, and utilize transformative technology.

The Learning Technology Center is proud to be a Google for Education Partner. This partnership helps educators across Illinois utilize Google for Education tools and resources to transform everyday classroom experiences.

The Learning Technology Center is an ISTE Affiliate.

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners facilitate mutually beneficial connections and information sharing. We recognize these affiliate partners as having similar missions, and offer them opportunities to further deepen their impact on technology in Illinois K-12 classrooms by becoming Institutional Partners.

School District Partners

The LTC partners with 18+ districts across Illinois’ several regions to provide embedded and ongoing coaching.