District Support

Education Consulting

Technology-Rich Teaching & Learning

Consulting and support for district leaders and educators.

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) is dedicated to fostering effective technology integration in Illinois public school districts. Supported by a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education, we provide no-cost consulting services focused on enhancing education through technology.

Through personalized support, training sessions, and resource sharing, the LTC equips educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively integrate technology into curriculum and across the whole district to support teaching and learning.

Our Consulting Services

Planning & Implementation

  • Strategic Planning: We collaborate with districts to develop plans for integrating technology across educational and administrative domains, ensuring alignment with educational goals and standards.
  • Instruction and Curriculum Guidance: Our team of education and technology leaders can help your district adopt, adapt, and integrate digital learning throughout the curriculum, including computer science, STEM, digital literacy, digital citizenship, and classroom integration
  • Makerspaces & STEM Labs: We work with districts to develop innovative learning spaces like makerspaces and STEM labs. 
  • Implementation Support: Our team offers expert guidance on the effective rollout of technology solutions, from initial selection to full-scale classroom implementation.

Professional Development

  • Educator and Administrator Training: Tailored training sessions and workshops equip educators and administrators with the skills to utilize technology in enhancing teaching and learning practices.
  • Best Practices in Technology Use: We share cutting-edge practices and tools for digital content creation, online course design, adaptive learning technologies, and more.

Evaluation and Support

  • Technology Initiative Evaluation: LTC consultants assist in evaluating the effectiveness of technology programs, identifying successes and areas for improvement.
  • Technical Assistance: From troubleshooting to ongoing support, we ensure that technology systems function smoothly, supporting teaching and learning without interruption.

Why Work with Us

Experienced, Unbiased Consulting

Our team, composed of seasoned educators, technology specialists, and consultants, brings a rich understanding of how to merge technology with education effectively. Partnering with the LTC means having a dedicated ally in navigating the complexities of technology integration.

Cost-Effective Innovation

Our grant-funded services are offered at no cost to Illinois public school districts, removing financial barriers to accessing expert consulting in technology integration. This enables districts to focus their resources on direct educational impacts.