Resources created by the LTC that address essential and relevant K-12 education and technology topics.

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LTC Community Orientation Videos

Video tutorials on navigating the LTC Community, the LTC’s free professional learning community.


One-to-One Podcast

Conversations from the heart of education and technology with Brian and Matt.


Monthly Tech Tips

The LTC team monthly features their top edtech apps and strategies in a concise video, ideal for sharing with colleagues and peers.


Esports Program Checklist

Empower Your New Esports Team at your School with Our Comprehensive Checklist! Unveil the potential of your budding esports squad using this all-inclusive checklist. From recruitment and practice schedules to team branding, our checklist ensures

Resource Collections

3D Printing Resources

Technology Integration is fundamental for an effective digital learning experience, here’s an Infographic with 8 digital skills every teacher needs to know along side with the best programs to support them!


Illinois Computer Literacy Guidelines Planning Document

This document is an adaptation of ISBE’s Computer Literacy guidelines, with added columns for resources and notes. It includes breakouts by grade band (K-1, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12).


IL CS Mastery Worksheet

This document is similar to the Alignment Worksheet, but can be used at the classroom level to align the standards to individual lessons or units of instruction. It includes a customizable 3-level scale to show


IL CS Alignment Worksheet

This document takes the Integrated View of all CS Standards and splits them out by grade band (K-1, 3-5, and 6-8). It provides additional columns to allow districts to self-assess their CS program for alignment


Integrated View of CS Standards

This document combines the new IL CS Standards into a single view to make it easy to see how they are organized and follow their progression across grade levels. There is a K-12 view, as

Visual Content

Coding for Littles Poster Series

Let’s go on a journey to explore coding terms that you may already know by another name in this poster series. Download this one-of-a-kind resource for K-2 educators to integrate CS language into activities you


Drones in the Classroom – Q&A for Curricular Integration and Funding

Why should drones be part of your school’s curriculum? What classes can drones be used in? Find answers to these questions and more (including funding and safety recommendations) in this handy guide produced by the


The Return to Learn Playbook


Legislative Brief: Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA)