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ROE, ISC, and Education Association Services

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Supporting Education Agencies & Associations

In addition to collaborating with Regional Offices of Education, Intermediate Service Centers, and Illinois education associations to provide many of our services to school districts, schools, and school personnel, the Learning Technology Center also provides several services directly to education service agencies and associations.

ROE/ISC Service Catalog

Services are offered at no or low cost, with the purpose of enabling organizations that support schools districts to better serve their stakeholders. These services are exclusive to ROEs, ISCs, and Education Associations unless otherwise noted, and a full list of LTC services is available on our main LTC Service Catalog page.
Professional Learning Workshops and Presenters

LTC staff provide in-person and virtual workshops, webinars, and sessions at conferences for ROEs and ISCs. In most cases, professional learning events are provided at no cost through the support of the Illinois State Board of Education’s agreement with the LTC.

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs
Cost: No or low cost. View Pricing Sheet.

Learn about our Custom PD or contact your Regional EdTech Coordinators to schedule events.

Networking Meeting & Facilitation

The LTC’s regional team facilitates over 90 networking meetings per year for technology staff, instructional technology coaches, teachers, and librarians. Meetings often occur at ROEs, ISCs, or districts. If an ROE or ISC facilitates its own networking meeting(s), the LTC provides additional support as needed. 

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs
Cost: No cost

Contact our Regional EdTech Coordinators to schedule events.

Cooperative Purchasing

ILTPP (Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program) aggregates the buying power of hundreds of districts, ROEs, ISCs, and schools to negotiate contracts for technology and digital services. Services also include quote requests, quote reviews, vendor recommendations, and vendor events.

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Education Associations
Cost: No Cost

Visit ILTPP.org to learn more and contact Hope Hardin-Borbely with questions.

Zoom Licenses

The LTC resells Zoom licenses and webinar accounts to enable affordable video conferencing with school districts and educators. 

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Education Associations
Cost: $70/year/user

Contact Kara Zelhart with requests.

Phishing Tests

Routine phishing security tests are important to an organization’s cybersecurity posture as they help determine which users are vulnerable to real attacks. Phishing tests also create opportunities to educate employees. The LTC can send phishing emails and provide ROEs and ISCs with a detailed report of the outcomes. The LTC also provides phishing tests to Tier 3 and 4 schools.

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Tier 3 and 4 Schools
Cost: No Cost

Contact Eric Muckensturm with requests.

Adobe Creative Cloud

ROEs and ISCs are eligible to receive 20 free licenses to Adobe Creative Cloud. Licenses are “named-user” licenses, meaning each license is tied to a specific email address. The license includes products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat Pro.

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs
Cost: No Cost

Contact Chris Wherely with requests.

Online Conference Platform & Support

The LTC uses the platform HopIn to host 1-3 virtual conferences each year, and we have worked with partners to host virtual conferences on our platform. 

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Education Associations
Cost: $5/participant and optional support cost

Contact Brian Bates with requests.

Canvas Accounts

ROEs and ISCs can purchase a Canvas account for $8.00 per user per fiscal year through the Learning Technology Center (LTC)’s educational cooperative, Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP), for the sole purpose of supporting educator professional learning. This Canvas instance is NOT intended to be used to support preK-21 student learning activities or student accounts directly.

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Education Associations
Cost: $8/participant and optional support cost

Contact Matt Jacobson with requests.

E-Rate Application Assistance

Many ROEs and ISCs have schools that are eligible to receive e-rate discounts on internet access and internal connection equipment. The LTC provides guidance to school districts on E-Rate and can provide similar support to ROEs and ISCs. 

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Districts
Cost: No Cost

Contact Mindy Fiscus with requests.

Consulting: Technology Infrastructure, Technology Integration, Computer Science, Maker Spaces, Instructional Coaching, etc.

The LTC consults with school districts on all technology topics from access to implementation, and we can provide similar support to ROEs and ISCs. 

Eligibility: ROEs, ISCs, Districts
Cost: No Cost

Contact Ben Sondgeroth, Holly Kelly, Lisa Schwartz, Joe Cipfl, or Eric Santos with requests.