Computer Science Resources & Training District Program

District Program

Build a pathway toward robust computer science learning with trainings and curricular support

A team of well-trained educators can transform how students engage with this essential domain and spark a lifetime passion for CS learning – not to mention a wealth of prosperous CS careers.’s new District Program can make that goal a reality by partnering district leaders directly with a nationwide organization committed to local education progress. Through this program, K-12 stakeholders gain exclusive access to training opportunities and learning resources that can raise the bar for CS learning in their district in the near-term.

Through its District Program, offers district leaders a golden opportunity to partner at no cost, aiming to:

  • Prepare students for a tech-driven future.
  • Enhance STEM learning and access.
  • Provide professional development for educators.
  • Close equity gaps in CS education.
  • Align education with future workforce needs.


  • Free Curriculum: Access an open-source curriculum with engaging activities for all grade levels in computer science.
  • Professional Learning: High-quality training for educators, providing resources and support to meet student needs.
  • Implementation Support: Tailored guidance for your district on implementation, certification, and funding.
  • Data Reports: Access to local, regional, and customized data sets that highlight your district’s strengths as well as opportunities to deepen engagement with computer science learning.
  • Recognition: Opportunities for spotlight on and social media, plus chances to be recognized as a model school for CS education.
  • Community Connections: Exclusive access to webinars, newsletters, leadership resources, and a network of educators focused on CS education.
Supporting CS Teachers with Intensive, On-Going Support

Illinois & Missouri Regional Partner

As the Regional Partner for Illinois and Missouri, the Learning Technology Center (LTC) takes great pride in facilitating professional learning programs that significantly enhance the capabilities of both current and aspiring computer science educators. By offering scholarships, these invaluable programs become accessible at little-to-no cost, enabling educators and their districts across Illinois and Missouri to cultivate the expertise necessary for delivering a comprehensive and enriching computer science curriculum.

This collaboration underscores the LTC’s dedication to fostering educational excellence and equity, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to explore the vast potential of computer science.