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The LTC supports Illinois K-12 schools and educators as they strive to grow their own CS curriculum and comply with forthcoming state-level mandates. This digital resource library can help accomplish both goals by providing access to vetted CS resources geared toward a variety of grade levels, content areas, and use cases.

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BootUp prepares and empowers teachers to implement elementary coding and computer science programs nationwide in order to reach ALL students, creating equitable access to 21st-century skills.

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Our Creative Coding feature, in partnership with Vidcode, takes a project-based approach to the teaching of coding. It gives students a way to show what they know about a given topic – regardless of curriculum

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Career Exploration: Cybersecurity

An introduction to the careers of Cybersecurity and Information Technology.

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Cato’s Hike

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

CMU CS Academy

CMU CS Academy is an online, graphics-based computer science curriculum taught in Python provided by Carnegie Mellon University for FREE.

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Code Combat

Curriculum & Lesson Plans