08 Jun 2022

“Bootstrap crafts research-based curricular modules for grades 6-12. Our materials reinforce core concepts from mainstream subjects like Math, Physics and more, enabling non-CS teachers to adopt our introductory materials while delivering rigorous and engaging computing content drawn from CS classes at universities like Brown, WPI, and Northeastern. Our Algebra class can be integrated into a standalone CS or mainstream math class, and aligns with national and state math standards. And since every child takes algebra – regardless of gender or background – Bootstrap is one of the largest providers of formal CS education to girls and underrepresented students nationwide. Our other modules model physics, data science, and sophisticated interactive programs, and can be integrated into Social Studies, Science, Math, Intro and even AP CS Principles courses. Teachers can mix-and-match content across various modules to fit their needs. By leveraging the existing networks of Math, Social Studies, and Physics teachers, nationwide, Bootstrap is built to scale. We work with school districts across the country, reaching hundreds of teachers and thousands of students each year. Most of our teachers have also attended a Bootstrap Workshop, where they received specialized training to deliver the class.”