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The LTC supports Illinois K-12 schools and educators as they strive to grow their own CS curriculum and comply with forthcoming state-level mandates. This digital resource library can help accomplish both goals by providing access to vetted CS resources geared toward a variety of grade levels, content areas, and use cases.

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Skill Struck

Computer Science


Computer ScienceCreativity


Computer ScienceCreativity

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Stay Connected, Stay Informed

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STEM Grants & Scholarships

Compiled by the LTC staff, this resource includes a collection of state and national grants and scholarships specifically geared toward support K-12 STEM programs.



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Sarah Phelps
Sarah Phelps
Program Manager, Computer Science and STEM, Learning Technology Center

Sarah leads computer science and STEM initiatives, manages partnerships with state and national organizations, and elevates the LTC’s role as a thought leader in the K-12 computer science space.