The Virtual High School

08 Jun 2022

The Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization serving more than 600 schools and thousands of students, worldwide. The mission of VHS is to provide students and teachers with collaborative and engaging learning opportunities. Our vision is to prepare students to be successful in college, careers, and life. VHS has a twenty year history of providing students with online learning opportunities, and training teachers to be effective online instructors. We believe in getting to know our students and providing them with a curriculum that meets their academic needs and improves their independence, communication, and self-advocacy skills. We offer over 200 unique online courses including CS courses such as AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Video Game Design, Web Design, Computer Science and Engineering, and more. We believe all students must have equal access to educational opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, geography, or resource availability. By making rigorous, quality online high school and middle school Computer Science, STEM, and other courses, accessible and available to ALL students, we help them develop the skills and build the foundation they will need for the future.