Requests for Proposals

Virtual | January 16 & 17, 2024

Request for Proposals

Share your knowledge and experience with your peers!

Technology leaders, IT support staff, administrators, and other educators with cybersecurity and/or data privacy experience are invited to submit a session proposal for SecurED Schools 2024. Proposals will be evaluated based upon the criteria below.

Proposal submission for this year’s conference is now closed. Applicants are encouraged to watch their email for proposal updates and session scheduling.

Format and General Information

Learning Objectives

To help bring the content to life and make it actionable for attendees, please clearly define how your session will support attendees in implementing and applying the knowledge learned during your session.

In your proposal submission, please finish the following sentence: “By attending this session, attendees will be able to….”

Session Title

10 Word Maximum.

Session Description

350 Word Maximum.

Session Formats

Presentation (25 Minutes)
Presentation (50 Minutes)
Demo / Hands-On Activity (50 Minutes)
Panel Discussion (50 Minutes)

Target Audiences

CTO / Technology Leaders
Network Engineers & IT Support Staff
District and Building Administrators
Curriculum/Instructional Technology Leaders

Session Strands

Cybersecurity Strands

General Cybersecurity Topic
Policies and Procedures
Tools and Systems
Staff/Teacher/Student Training
Inventory and Control of Enterprise Assets
Inventory and Control of Software Assets
Data Protection
Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software
Account Management
Access Control Management
Continuous Vulnerability Management
Audit Log Management
Email and Web Browser Protections
Malware Defenses
Data Recovery
Network Infrastructure Management
Network Monitoring and Defense
Security Awareness and Skills Training
Service Provider Management
Application Software Security
Incident Response Management
Penetration Testing

Data Privacy Strands

General Data Privacy Topic
Policies and Procedures
Tools and Systems
Staff/Teacher/Student Training