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Presenter & Proposal Details

Please refer to the following information as you prepare for IETC. We hope these resources make your speaking experience smooth and enjoyable. For assistance leading up to the confeence, please contact Brian Bates at


  • Proposals Open: TBD
  • Proposal Deadline: TBD
  • Acceptance Deadline: TBD
  • Presentation Deadline: TBD

Session Formats

  • Breakout sessions (50 minutes)
  • Workshops (1 hour and 50 minutes)
  • Exhibitor Partner Product sessions (50 minutes)

Presenter Benefits

  • Free Registration. Lead presenters will receive complimentary registration, including access to paid workshops. A discount code will be provided to you in your proposal acceptance email. When using this code, please select “Invoice Me” when prompted. Note: All co-presenters are responsible for paying appropriate registration fees. Note that all attendees must register. Free presenter registration does not include vendors presenting product sessions.

Additional Resources

Presentation Suggestions

As you prepare your presentations, please consider the following:

  • Plan Out your Presentation: Practice your presentation in full before arriving. Time yourself to ensure you are not exceeding your allotted session period. At the same time, don’t rush yourself. One slide every 2-3 minutes of presentation should provide adequate pacing for your audience.
  • Keep It SimpleUse simple, easy-to-understand graphics that can easily interpreted at a distance. Cite your image sources.
  • Minimize TextKeep text on your slides to a minimum. Slides should enhance the presenter, not compete with them.
  • Maximize Visibility: For both graphics and text, always use high contrast color. Black text on a white background is best for all viewers.
  • Share in AdvanceMake your presentation available before you begin so participants can follow on their own device.
  • Keep an Eye on the TimeAs a courtesy to the next presenter and their need to set-up, please end your session on time and continue any networking conversations outside the presentation space.

AV Equipment & Room Setup

All breakout session rooms at the BOS Center will contain the following AV equipment and room setup:

  • Classroom-style seating
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Presenter Wi-Fi

The following items will not be provided and will be the responsibility of the presenter:

  • Personal laptop with presentation
  • Speakers for sound/video (if needed)
  • Appropriate HDMI or VGA adapter to connect laptop to projector
  • Any other electronics or adapters

Social Media Promotion Assets

Promote your participation at this year’s conference with a custom social media graphic.

Conference App

Download the Expo Pass app for Apple and Android devices to find up-to-date session listings, locations, maps, and more.