Corporate & Resource Partners

The Learning Technology Center partners with a variety of private service providers to support statewide programs and provide access to cutting-edge educational technology

Corporate Sponsors

LTC establishes and engages in corporate partnerships with education and technology companies that seek to connect with educational leaders while supporting increased educational opportunities for students.

ILTPP Vendor Partners & Program Affiliates

ILTPP (Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program) offers FREE membership access to 60+ contracts with vetted vendors who have earned our trust and abide by state requirements. Each contract is audited and evaluated annually, ensuring that members maintain enhanced access to the products and services their digital learning environment needs.

Districts can also utilize their ILTPP membership to access negotiated and bid discounts for direct purchasing, submit quote requests to assist with project needs, and discover technology purchasing resources through ILTPP’s monthly newsletter.

ILTPP Vendor Partner Benefits

ILTPP provides equal opportunities to all vendor partners under an active contract. Vendor partners cannot attain or purchase “preferred partner” status. All vendor partners who wish to increase their access to Illinois K-12 community are encouraged to become LTC corporate partners.

ILTPP vendor partner benefits include:

Access to thousands of educational entities (including K-12 schools) in Illinois Advertising of partnership and product offerings at conferences that ILTPP attends, including print collateral and promotional items Inclusion of special buys & contract news in the ILTPP monthly email newsletter
Add events to ILTPP event calendar (on website and in newsletter) Display of company logo and negotiated contract information on the ILTPP website First right of refusal to exhibit at Illinois Education & Technology Conference (IETC)

Event Sponsors

To increase access to and the quality of statewide programs, the LTC occasionally offers sponsorship opportunities to public organizations and private service providers interested in connecting with K-12 teachers, technology coaches, administrators, and IT staff.

Illinois Education & Technology Conference

The LTC currently hosts one conference that accepts sponsorships – Illinois Education & Technology Conference (IETC).

Each year, hundreds of K-12 teachers, administrators, technology coaches, curriculum specialists, and IT staff from across Illinois attend IETC.

With such a diverse and growing audience, IETC is among the best places in the Midwest to expand your customer base and increase brand recognition. With an assortment of exhibiting and sponsorship options to fit every budget, your business stands to benefit from participating in one of Illinois’ most popular and respected edtech gatherings.

Event Sponsor Benefits

Sponsor benefits typically include special recognition, access to attendees, and inclusion in event-wide promotional material (both digital and in print). These benefits apply to the applicable event only. Outside of these events, the LTC maintains a strict vendor-neutral policy.

In addition to financially supporting the LTC’s mission, Event Sponsors are provided the opportunity to:

  • Build awareness and recognition with K-12 stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, coaches, IT staff, and more
  • Gain and share knowledge at events centered on growing edtech capacity and promulgating effective edtech strategies and resources
  • Network with local and state educational and technology leaders

Interested in becoming an LTC event sponsor? Contact us at

Resource Contributors

Each year, the LTC hosts 800+ events with over 18,000 attendees in total and provides services, professional development, and support to 852+ Illinois school districts. Resource Contributors provide resource-based support for these services, and ensure that their edtech solution gains visibility with current educators working in the field.

Through their contributions, Resource Contributors also:

  • Support educational initiatives throughout Illinois
  • Ensure their products are used by LTC staff
  • Increase visibility via placement on the LTC website
  • Build awareness and recognition with the K-12 educators our staff engages with

Resource Contributors also determine the duration of their resource or service contribution. Some choose to give their product to the LTC on a permanent or ongoing, while others choose to “loan” their product for a specific or unspecific amount of time.

In all cases, the LTC is committed to transparency when it comes to the products and resources our team utilizes. A full list of current Resource Contributors can be found below.

Use Policy: In exchange for resource contributions, the LTC will actively use contributed resources and provide our stakeholders with hands-on product experiences when educationally appropriate. The LTC, as an organization, does not endorse any specific resource or service, and Resource Contributors cannot earn any type of organization endorsement through their contributions (regardless of value). When appropriate, LTC staff may communicate their preference for specific resources or services, even if they are not a Resource Contributor.

Interested in contributing a resource or service? Contact us at