LTC Awards

Recognizing people and school districts in Illinois for empowering educational change through technology

Strong Multi-Organizational Partnerships

Collaboration Award

The LTC Collaboration Award recognizes innovative or exemplar projects that impact multiple districts, schools, educators, and students throughout the state. These projects leverage partnerships and demonstrate a commitment to helping others beyond a single district.

Projects may support the effective use of technology and/or digital learning for professional learning and capacity building, student learning, and/or collaboration with others.

Eligibility: Projects led by teams and individuals who work in school districts, schools, cooperatives, or educational service agencies (i.e., ROEs, ISCs, etc.).

Who Can Nominate?: Peer nominations and self-nominations are accepted.

Nomination Process & Criteria: The LTC Award Committee, comprised of LTC staff and district volunteers, will review all nominations according to the following criteria:

  • Impact: The demonstrable, measurable benefit that the program or project has delivered to student learning, as well as how it has addressed higher-level thinking skills.
  • Creativity & Innovation: How the initiative helps address an educational need in a unique way that inspires peers to adopt a similar initiative.
  • Breakthrough: The novelty of the initiative, especially as it improves on previous approaches or establishes a new paradigm that peers can replicate
  • Alignment with LTC Mission : Clear connection between one (1) primary and one or more secondary priority areas: digital learning; professional learning, technology support, equity and access, data privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Accessibility & Equity: The ways in which the project incorporates components and activities that promote diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: The ways in which the initiative cultivates relationships among institutions to achieve comprehensive realization of the solution and enhance student learning

Benefits: Recipients of the LTC Collaboration Award receive the following:

  • An engraved award acknowledging their achievement
  • One complimentary day of in-district professional learning for their district or school provided by the LTC
  • Up to four complimentary registrations to IETC 2023
  • Recognition at IETC 2023
  • Recognition in LTC publications and on LTC website
  • Opportunities to contribute to the field in partnership with the LTC

Past Collaboration Winners

2023: DOT Foods & Western Illinois STEM Ambassador Cohort
DOT Foods’ Western Illinois STEM Ambassador Cohort was selected based on its profound success in connecting rural Illinois school districts and providing students with enhanced access to engaging, high quality STEM learning opportunities.

Through their “Focus on STEM” initiative and funding, this multi-district cohort includes 35-50 participants from 13 different sized districts in west central Illinois. The program provides professional learning in a hands-on environment where participants actively learn about the devices and software to implement in the classroom, as well as grant support to help fund in-district curriculum development and integration.

Many of the participating districts, which contain students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, would not have had access to these learning opportunities without this program. It is expected that 700+ students will be impacted by the program in 2023.

2022: Bunker Hill Community Unit School District 8
Bunker Hill’s Student Driven Career Pathways project sought to make career pathways programs more accessible to their students by lowering previously-identified socioeconomic barriers.

This project was selected for recognition based on its innovative partner model, which provided students with the tools, resources, transportation, and employment guarantees needed to participate in a nurse training program. In its first year, the program was a full success, with all six participants graduating with both a high school diploma and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credential.

Bunker Hill CUSD 8’s project was also recognized for its growth and replicability potential. In particular, the district is working to add more career pathway options to the program in fields including aviation, electrical engineering, and veterinary medicine.