Top 4 Podcasts for Teachers and Coaches

17 Aug 2022 4 min read
Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

Informational, entertaining, and easily accessible. Those are just three reasons podcasts have become the go-to listening option for today’s teachers and technology coaches. With a podcast in your ears, you can discover new best practices and expose yourself to views from outside your district or PLN – all while commuting to work, completing some chores, or grading a few tests.

In other words, podcasts are perfect if you want to expand your horizons without straining your already tight day-to-day schedule.

But where to start? There are so many education and technology podcasts out there today, it can feel overwhelming to pick a place to start listening. On the positive side, the current wealth of podcasts means that you’re sure to find episodes that pique your interest in no time.

To get your podcast listening habit off on the right foot, here are 4 podcasts for teachers and coaches recommended by our team:

#1 – Cult of Pedagogy

Hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez

Let’s start off with a classic. Cult of Pedagogy is popular across the entire education spectrum, with listeners regularly tuning in for host Jennifer Gonzalez’s well-researched dives into current education topics, including differentiated instruction, social issues, and tech integration.

Cult of Pedagogy is also popular across content areas. Math, science, ELA, and social studies teachers will all find important takeaways in this podcast’s backlog of 200+ episodes.

Favorite Episodes:Episode 117: Five Ways to Improve Your Rubrics” & “Episode 165: Setting Up Mastery Based Grading in Your Classroom

RETC Eric Santos highly recommends both of these episodes. He says that they changed his ideas about assessment “big time.” Both are excellent listens if you’ve been using the same assessment methods for much of your career or feel like your students “aren’t getting it,” even after successfully completing a test or project.

#2 – 10 Minute Teacher

Hosted by Vicki Davis

If you’re looking for a quick listen, then as its name suggests, 10 Minute Teacher is for you. 

Each episode offers a brief primer on that week’s timely topic, often supported by insights from a special guest with expertise in that field. Listeners of NPR’s Life Kit will find this format very welcoming, with host Vicki Davis making a special effort to surface resources that can help educators put the show’s insights into action.

Favorite Episodes:August 1, 2022: The Future of Edtech” & “April 7, 2022: 10 Tips for Instructional Technology Coaches

This podcast’s recent dive into edtech’s future is a perfect spot to start if you’re already working in a tech-emersed learning environment and want some pointers on refining your day-to-day edtech use.

If you’re an instructional technology coach, then you should also check out this show’s April 7, 2022 episode. In it, you’ll discover how coaches can be fully effective in their role, despite wearing multiple hats, such as encourager, cultural leader, and collaborator.

#3 – Punk Rock Classrooms

Hosted by Mike Earnshaw & Josh Buckley

Did you know that we have a nationally-renown podcaster right here in Illinois’ education community? It’s true, but that’s only one reason you should tune in to Punk Rock Classrooms.

Hosts Josh Buckley and Mike Earnshaw (a principal in Lansing, IL) regularly bring on guests that contribute their knowledge and experience to quick, information-rich conversations. Their energy is also unmatched. Every episode feels like the intellectual energy drink needed to enjoy a loud rock concert or make it through a long day of grading papers.

Favorite Episode:S3 Summer Conversation Series with Carly Spina

This episode’s guest offers her unique view on how she’s striving to better herself as an educator and colleague. The entire Summer conversations series is a must-listen this month, with plenty of takeaways on how teachers, admins, and everyone in between can grow in their role during the coming school year.

#4 – Easy EdTech 

Hosted by Dr. Monica Burns

Staying on top of edtech trends might feel tricky. But after becoming a regular Easy EdTech listener, your colleagues are going to be coming to you for tech-friendly lesson planning ideas. Host Dr. Monica Burns makes a point to highlight community-building strategies, including those championed by her rotating cast of notable guests.

Favorite Episode:Episode 159: How to Help Students be Respectful in Online Spaces”

Raising empathetic, productive digital citizens is an imperative for all teachers today, regardless of their content area. This conversation with curriculum specialist Hedreich Nichols nails down that priority and highlights ways educators can model respectful online behavior daily.

You’ll also have a chance to hear Dr. Burns live on stage at IETC 2022 in Springfield. During her keynote, she’ll highlight a variety of edtech essentials, including tools and strategies educators can harness in any learning environment.

BONUS – Teacher Teacher & My EdTech Life

The LTC team doesn’t just listen to podcasts. They appear on them, too!

RETC Ben Sondgeroth appeared on Kami’s Teacher Teacher back in December 2021. On that episode, Ben discussed end-of-year rituals teachers can use to reflect on their progress and chart a course for future successes.

Jen Leban, LTC Instructional Technology Coach, also appeared on a popular edtech podcast, My EdTech Life. In her Fall 2020 interview, Jen discusses her journey as an educator and how adversity helped her improve her connections to the wider edtech community.

More Edtech Podcast Recommendations

Looking for more education or technology podcasts to listen to? Connect with your peers on the LTC Community. There, you’ll find fellow listeners and podcast enthusiasts who can recommend episodes to meet your every edtech interest.

You can also connect with other educational podcasters at two of our upcoming conferences – the Digital Literacy Conference on September 16 and IETC 2022 from November 2-4. Both gatherings are a great chance to engage with this exciting medium and discover new ways to utilize podcasting in the classroom.

Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

Sam leads and supports the execution and growth of LTC services through the development and creation of innovative, impactful, and timely digital content.