Request for Proposals – Share your Voice at IETC 2021!

04 May 2021 5 min read
Tim McIlvain
Tim McIlvain
Executive Director, Learning Technology Center
Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

The 28th annual Illinois Education and Technology Conference (IETC) is on its way, bringing with it an immersive hybrid experience geared toward the professional learning needs of all educators, IT staff, and administrators.

Powered by the Learning Technology Center (LTC), this year’s conference will focus on supporting and inspiring educators as they build the new normal of classroom technology integration. To do that, IETC needs your help – and more importantly, IETC needs your unique perspectives on what works in educational technology.

Starting today, you are formally invited to submit a proposal and be a part of IETC 2021! Now is an outstanding opportunity to share what you’ve learned through research and practice – especially as your fellow educators work to shape a new generation of future-ready students.

Educators around Illinois and throughout the Midwest are excited to hear from you. Make 2021 the year you share your voice by submitting a proposal for IETC!

Building the New Normal in EdTech

For nearly three decades, IETC has been at the center of conversations surrounding technology integration strategies, engaging instructional practices, digital tools and resources, and other emerging edtech trends. Prospective presenters are encouraged to share their views on any of these relevant topics, as well as any insights about how edtech’s present can inform its ever-evolving future.

IETC is also a rich environment for sharing diverse perspective from across the education spectrum. As such, educators of all stripes – including teachers, administrators, technology coaches, and more – are encouraged to submit a proposal and support their peers as they expand their professional horizons.

Presenter Benefits

Without question, IETC’s attendees benefit richly from your choice to present during the conference. But you’ll also benefit when you choose to share your voice at IETC. In fact, this year’s presenters will enjoy the following benefits when it comes time to step out on the IETC stage:

  • Waived attendance fees for lead presenters
  • Professional stipend (only for Workshops)
  • Continental breakfast and lunch
  • The opportunity take part in one of the Midwest’s premier edtech conferences

Presentation Types

For the first time ever, this year’s IETC will be a hybrid experience, with both in-person and virtual components. Educators around the state will be able to attend this acclaimed conference on site in Springfield or from home while still fully participating in a full slate of insightful sessions and workshops.

To bring this hybrid experience to life, this year’s presenters have several options when it comes to sharing their knowledge and insights, including:

  • Panels
  • 3-Hour Workshops
  • 6-Hour Workshops
  • Concurrent Sessions

Submission Deadlines

Currently, IETC plans to release its full agenda this coming summer. As such, prospective presenters like you should keep the following deadlines in mind as you plan your proposal submission:

  • May 21 – Workshops
  • June 11 – General Sessions

Share your Voice at IETC 2021

IETC 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most engaging and accessible edtech gatherings in the Midwest. With your contributions, this year’s IETC can provide breakthrough opportunities for your fellow educators – starting with your presentation or workshop.

But don’t wait! Submit your IETC 2021 proposal today and lend your voice to the ever-growing body of knowledge surrounding edtech’s future.

Tim McIlvain
Tim McIlvain
Executive Director, Learning Technology Center

Tim directs the Learning Technology Center, providing strategic leadership, expertise, and operational management for statewide technology and digital learning initiatives.

Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

Sam leads and supports the execution and growth of LTC services through the development and creation of innovative, impactful, and timely digital content.