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What Does it Mean to Be Innovative?

November 2
8:30 am - 9:45 pm CT
Room: Main Stage
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Instructional Leaders, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers, Technology Leaders/Support

With self-learning AI knocking at the door, how can educators remain innovative?

There’s more to innovation than quick thinking. During his keynote, Carl will demystify innovation’s essential qualities and explore what it takes for educators to keep up with the current pace of edtech change. Along the way, he’ll also explore the role innovation plays in our students’ lives, including how a flexible mindset can set them up for future personal and professional success.

If you’re ready to ignite your spark of creativity, challenge the status quo, or cultivate a mindset of continuous learning, you don’t want to miss this chance to hear from one of edtech’s leading voices.

Presented by

Carl Hooker
Carl Hooker
Author & Educator, HookerTech

Carl has been a part of a strong educational shift with thoughtful technology integration ever since he first day stepping into the classroom. From his start as a teacher all the way through becoming a district leader, he’s always held one common belief – the kids need to drive their own learning. Carl has been an educator for the past 21 years. He has held a variety of positions in both multiple districts, from 1st grade teacher to Virtualization Coordinator. He’s a father of three girls, Sophia, Lauren, and Caroline and a wonderful, understanding wife Renee, all of which play a large role in any presentations he gives or blogs & books he writes. Learn more about Carl's work at https://carlhooker.com/