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The Power of Visual Note-Taking: Sketchnoting Techniques

September 14 (In-Person)
10:10 am - 11:40 am CT
Visual Literacy
Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

Let’s learn by DOING – in this workshop recap, participants will have the opportunity to practice their sketchnoting skills by creating some sketches of their own. We will talk about why sketchnoting can be a useful teaching strategy that helps students make connections and retain information.

This workshop is not only for those who love to and/or are interested in drawing, but also for everyone who thinks that they “can’t draw” and “aren’t an artist.” Become more confident in your sketchnoting skills through breaking down objects and concepts into simple shapes and symbols with a focus on conveying information rather than just looking pretty!

For this session, you will need a notebook (blank or lined pages is fine), and something to write with! Additional drawing tools will be provided for use during the workshop. You may also choose to bring any personal digital drawing tools, such as a tablet/iPad and stylus, although this is not required.

Jennifer Leban
Jennifer Leban
Instructional Technology Coach, Learning Technology Center

Jen serves as an instructional technology coach who works to amplify and enrich lessons, trainings, and technology integration support in the south Cook County region.