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Modeling your Online Brand

September 15 (Online)
11:00 am - 11:50 am CT
Room: Online
Digital Citizenship, Digital Tattoos
Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

There are a variety of curriculum materials that cover how students need to manage their digital tattoo, footprint, or digital identity. In this session, two two lessons will be compared and contrasted in how they were implemented to demonstrate students can be taught this concept. A third alternatively will also be examined, modeling through one’s own online brand. How comfortable as a teacher are you with showing your students what appears in an online search about you? Do you want specific examples of how to alter your digital footprint?

This session will cover such questions and more about how to manage an online brand for yourself, and your students. This session is geared towards any individual in education who wants to learn how to manage their digital footprint, with specific examples from 3rd grade.

Mia Gutsell
Mia Gutsell
Instructional Technology Specialist, Bensenville Elementary School District 2

Mia serves as an Instructional Technology Specialist at Bensenville Elementary School District 2