2022 Work Environment, Satisfaction, and Benefits Report

31 May 2022

The PK-12 Technology Work Environment, Satisfaction, & Benefits Report is the product of an annual survey administered by the Learning Technology Center to identify trends in areas like demographics, working environments, responsibilities, benefits, and job satisfaction. 


On February 8, 2022, the Learning Technology Center sent email invitations to approximately 2,100 school district technology staff that self-identified as having technology-related roles or job titles. The survey closed on February 25, 2022. Prior to launch, survey questions were reviewed by LTC staff and district representatives to determine relevance and impact. A total of 249 individuals responded to all or a portion of the survey with the understanding that the report of findings would contain no personally identifiable information.

Future Surveys

PK-12 Technology Work Environment, Satisfaction, & Benefits Report will be published every two years. The next publication date is January, 2024. 


The LTC intends to administer versions of this survey on an annual basis. Suggestions or comments regarding future studies can be sent to support@ltcillinois.org.