Reflections on IETC 2023

20 Dec 2023

Episode Notes

In this episode:

Live from IETC 2023! This week, we listen in to our on-site interviews with attendees at this year’s gathering in Springfield. If you missed this year’s conference, this is a great chance to catch up on what you missed and hear about everyone’s takeaways on favorite speakers, personalizing learning, AI in education, and more.

Then, Matt and Brian look back on their IETC 2023 experience and reflect on how this year’s conference

Stay tuned until the end for a big reveal – IETC 2024’s first keynote speaker!

Interview Guests:

Tim McIlvain

Alex Valencic

Heather Brown

Linda DeYounge

Kari Moulton

Emily Pool

Lisa Schwartz & Barb Speckhart

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