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The Learning Technology Center offers a variety of online courses, focusing on educational technology trends and best practices in a format that fits educators’ busy schedules. From self-paced to guided learning, educators learn practical skills to begin implementing in their classrooms immediately.

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Online Courses & Microcredentials

Designing for Inclusion

Supporting Student Well-Being

Accessibility for All: Designing Materials for Any Learner

Building Critical Thinking Skills with Technology

Developing Student Creativity with Technology

Building Communication Skills with Technology

Teaching Collaboration Skills with Technology

Teaching the 4Cs with Technology

Google Sites Basics

How are the LTC’s Microcredentials different from the LTC’s Online & Blended Courses?

Online and Blended Learning

The Learning Technology Center offers a variety of online and blended courses to help Illinois educators keep their skills sharp. Our courses focus on educational technology tools, trends, and best practices in flexible formats that can fit into any educator’s busy schedule.

Most online courses are self-paced, allowing you to complete the coursework all in one sitting or a bit at a time and pacing that works best for you. Some coursework may be offered in a facilitated format that can be supported with virtual or in-person interaction. Explore each course below for specific details.


The Illinois State Board of Education has recently approved the awarding of microcredentials to Illinois educators. Microcredentials are competency-based, job-embedded professional learning experiences for educators. These will usually require both an application of the skills learned as well as reflection on past and future practice. Successful completion of an ISBE-approved microcredential can also provide the learner with a digital badge attached to your Illinois Professional Educator’s License (PEL). See ISBE’s website for more information.

Online & Blended Courses


All Will:
  • Focus on pedagogy and tools supporting technology integration in classrooms
  • Be open to educators, administrators, and school IT staff 
  • Provide structured learning (usually a linear or scaffolded model) 
  • Be facilitated through Canvas
  • 0.25 PD Credits or more
  • Adhere to the ISBE Microcredential Framework
  • Provide competency-based, job-embedded professional learning 
  • Align with ISBE Learning Standards and/or ISTE Standards for Teachers
  • Be assessed with a rubric defining mastery
  • Require reflection on past & future practice 
  • Provide multiple evaluators of products 
  • Allow multiple product submissions with guidance/support to improve 
Most Will:
  • Provide self-paced, asynchronous learning
  • Use forced-choice assessments to show mastery 
  • Be aligned to ISTE and/or ISBE Standards
  • Be updated yearly
  • Free to Illinois educators
  • Be facilitated through Canvas 
  • Provide at least 6.0 hours of PD credit 
  • Require evidence of mastery and/or application within the school environment 
  • Require a fee
Some May:
  • Use a cohort-based enrollment model offered for a defined amount of time
  • Use synchronous instructional activities (Zoom meetings, etc.)
  • Require product-based assessments of skills to show mastery
  • Require a fee
  • Use online coursework as part of their asynchronous component
  • Use virtual synchronous or in-person learning activities
  • Be cohort-based

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a typical online or blended course look like?

A. The typical course structure can vary depending on the course an educator selects. Shorter, courses are meant to be self-paced. Courses with more professional development credits may be synchronous or asynchronous and can require participants to participate more frequently.

2. Can I register for a course or microcredential after the start date?

A. This depends on the course or microcredential you choose. Self-paced courses or micro-credentials will usually allow you to join at any time while the course is active. Please click on the course badge above to view the dates when each course is active.

If you select a facilitated course or microcredential, you will not be allowed to register after the start of the course. Registration will close a couple of days prior to the start of the online course or microcredential, so be sure to register ahead of time. Registration close date information is available on the registration page for each online course or microcredential. Check back often as new opportunities may be posted frequently throughout the year.

3. Will the same online courses or microcredentials be offered again later?

A. Yes, though this will depend on the demand for the course or microcredential. The timeline for the repeating of the courses may vary depending on delivery method, length, facilitator availability, and/or demand.

4. Are there certain times I have to attend during the online course or microcredential?

A. Check the course or microcredential information before registering. Shorter courses are usually self-paced. Longer courses and microcredentials may be synchronous or asynchronous. If you have questions, please check with the LTC Online Learning Coordinator, Matt Jacobson (

5. How do I get my Illinois PD Credit?

A. Self-paced courses will require brief forced-choice, machine-graded quizzes to check for understanding. Upon successful completion of a self-paced course, an online form will unlock allowing you to request an online evaluation form via email. After completing and submitting that evaluation form, you’ll receive your PD Credit Evidence of Completion Form via email.

If you have enrolled in a facilitated course or microcredential, our instructors will review the artifacts you have submitted. Shortly after, an evaluation form will be sent to your email. Once that evaluation has been completed and submitted, you will receive your PD Credit Evidence of Completion Form in your email.

6. Where is my evaluation form?

A. First, check your Spam or Junk Mail to see if the message was filtered out. You may wish to add “” to your Contacts or Trusted Senders list. If you are using a school email account, you may wish to request that “” be “whitelisted.”

If you have tried both of the solutions above and feel that you still have not received your evaluation form, please email Brian Bates at or the course/microcredential facilitator for assistance.

7. Why haven’t I received my PD Credit yet?

A. First, the Illinois State Board of Education requires that a completed evaluation form be received before we can provide PD Credit Evidence of Completion. If you have submitted a completed evaluation, it can take up to two (2) business days for that PD Credit Form to arrive in your email.

As mentioned above, sometimes these can end up in your Spam or Junk mail. You may wish to add “” to your Contacts or Trusted Senders list. If you are using a school email account, you may wish to request that “” be “whitelisted.”

If you have tried both of the solutions above and feel that you still have not received your evaluation form, please email Brian Bates at or the course/microcredential facilitator for assistance.

8. What time commitment is required for an online course or microcredential?

A. The time to complete a course will vary based on the individual course or microcredential. The number of Professional Development Hours (PD Hours) are listed for each course. You can expect to spend approximately that amount of time on the course or microcredential.

9. Can I participate in an online course or microcredential if I do not hold an Illinois Professional Educator’s License (PEL)?

A. The Learning Technology Center of Illinois is an Approved Provider of Professional Development ( for Illinois educators beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. (RCDTS Code: Pending) Pre-service teachers and out-of-state educators are welcome to join our online courses or microcredential if desired. Check your specific state or institution requirements regarding professional learning credit for our learning experiences.

10. When will the microcredential badge appear on my PEL?

A. See ISBE Microcredential Guidance for Educators.

11. Can I earn graduate credit for LTC courses or microcredentials?

A. Graduate credit for LTC online courses or microcredential is not available at this time. 

12. How can I get help registering for an online course or microcredential?

A. If you are having problems with registration, please email Matt Jacobson at

13. How do I login to start my course or microcredential in Canvas?

A. Start by visiting

Enter the same email address you used when registering for the course(s) and click the “Request Password” button. You will receive an email with a request to update your password and then be prompted to log in. This can sometimes take up to an hour or more – it may not be immediate.

Most courses and microcredentials will not allow users to log in prior to their start date.

14. I requested a new password but still haven’t received an email to reset it. What do I do?

A. Sometimes password reset requests can end up in your Spam or Junk mail. You may wish to add “” and “” to your Contacts or Trusted Senders list. If you are using a school email account, you may wish to request that “” and “” be “whitelisted” in your school’s email domain.

If you have tried both of the solutions above and feel that you still have not received your evaluation form, please email Matt Jacobson at or the course/microcredential facilitator for assistance.

15. How do I create a Canvas account for an LTC online course or microcredential?

A. After you register, an LTC Canvas account will be created for you. You should receive an invitation to create your own password within 24 hours.

16. Can I use a Canvas account that I already have?

A. A free or school-related Canvas account won’t work for our online courses and microcredentials. We’ll need to create a separate account just for the LTC’s Canvas installation.

17. My course or microcredential isn’t showing up on my phone or tablet’s Canvas app. What should I do?

A. First, please make sure you are using the Canvas Student app and not the Canvas Teacher app on your mobile device. Next, please make sure that you are logged out of your work or school account and log in to the Canvas Student mobile app with your LTC Canvas account.

If you are still having trouble, try logging into LTC’s Canvas instance through a browser at Canvas tends to work best in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Due to the wide variability in mobile devices, the LTC generally does not provide support for tablets or smartphones. If you must use a mobile device for an LTC online course or microcredential, please see the Canvas Mobile Users Guide for your specific device at

18. Is there a specific date by which I have to complete the coursework or microcredential?

A. Each online course and microcredential has a specific start date and end date. Please be sure to check the end date for your particular course or microcredential and make sure all work is submitted within Canvas by that date.

19. What if I don’t complete the course or microcredential?

A. We understand that life gets busy and sometimes there are obstacles that can’t be overcome. To receive professional development credit you must complete the requirements listed in each course or microcredential. Partial credit will not be given. Do not hesitate to contact the course facilitator if you fall behind and need assistance.

20. Are office hours available for online courses and microcredentials?

A. Office hours in the traditional sense will not be available for the LTC online courses. Due to the nature of microcredentials and ISBE requirements, office hours for microcredentials may vary depending on delivery. Instructor contact information will be listed on the “About Your Facilitator” page of every online course and microcredential. Please reach out to Matt Jacobson ( via email with specific questions.

21. Can I contact my instructor directly if I have questions?

A. Yes! If you have questions regarding a course, microcredential, or specific assignments, please reach out to your individual instructor for clarification. See the “About Your Facilitator” page of each course or microcredential, or contact the LTC for support at

22. Will future courses and microcredentials be offered?

A. Yes! The LTC is hard at work identifying timely topics and developing content for new online and blended courses and microcredentials. 

23. Who can help me with questions that aren’t listed above?

A. Please reach out to Matt Jacobson ( via email with specific questions.