Clever Certified Admin Champion

23 Sep 2022

Cost: Free

Clever Academy is a set of free online courses that helps educators learn how to use Clever to its fullest potential and unlock digital learning in the district. We understand that training and professional development is important, but often comes with a lot of challenges. With Clever Academy, you can learn at your own pace, check for understanding along the way, and go back to relearn whenever you want.

In the Level 1 course, you’ll learn why you should use Clever and get an overview of the products. As you move up levels, you’ll start setting up your Clever account and learning the day-to-day features that will really make school work better. Finish up certification in Level 4, where you’ll learn advanced features that all of the superusers are taking advantage of.

Distinguish yourself as an edtech leader and complete all four leveled courses on the certification track to earn your title as a certified Clever Champion.