4 Ways to Harness AI-Powered Learning with ILTPP Vendor Partners

14 Sep 2023 4 min read
Amanda Bruns
Amanda Bruns
Member Engagement Manager, Learning Technology Center
Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the latest transformative force in education. With its exceptional ability to process data and learn from experience, trained AI can help support individualized learning and streamline lesson planning – all in just a couple clicks.

Keeping up with this ever-changing education landscape can feel overwhelming. Fortunately for you, the Illinois Learning Technology Purchasing Program (ILTPP) has many vendors at the forefront of harnessing AI’s educational power. These vendors continue to introduce various AI-powered products and solutions that can help your district stay at the cutting edge of digital teaching and learning. 

Here are four ILTPP Vendor Partners you can turn to when your district begins implementing AI tools in the classroom:


Elevating Assessment and Data Insights with AI Integration

Otus is at the forefront of AI integration, providing educators with a powerful tool to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Their AI tools are ready for implementation, and its capabilities are poised to transform how assessments are conducted.

With Otus AI, educators can:

  • Create assessments that align seamlessly with educational standards.
  • Generate high-quality questions and prompts tailored to these standards.
  • Gain deep insights into student performance data, identifying areas of struggle and pinpointing specific standards that need attention.
  • Receive personalized content recommendations based on individual student progress within the Otus platform.


Empowering Creative Expression with Adobe Firefly

JourneyEd is harnessing AI’s potential through a partnership with Adobe Firefly, a suite of generative AI models designed to fuel creativity. This AI-powered offering empowers users to unleash their creativity without limitations.

Key features include:

  • The ability to bring creative visions to life with text prompts
  • Customizable images and text effects
  • Access to professional-grade, licensed images from Adobe Stock to enhance creative projects


Simplifying Lesson Creation and Assessment

EdPuzzle recently introduced a teacher-focused AI feature known as “EdPuzzle Teacher Assist.” This feature streamlines the lesson creation and grading processes for instructors. Its functions include:

  • Automatic generation of questions, including multiple choice and short answer, during the lesson editing phase
  • Auto-grading of open-ended questions, saving educators valuable time and effort

Dell & SHI

Enhanced Infrastructure & AI Optimization

Dell, in collaboration with SHI, has launched its next-generation PowerEdge rack configuration servers, which bring significant advancements in AI infrastructure.

These servers cater to the growing demand for AI applications and offer:

  • A substantial boost in capacity and performance is ideal for resource-intensive AI workloads.
  • GPU-optimized models tailored for a range of AI use cases.
  • Flexibility for installation either within or outside data centers, enabling accessibility and scalability for AI initiatives.

Helping Supply the AI Revolution

With all of these innovative, AI-powered solutions already in reach, the future of teaching and learning in Illinois is looking more personalized and efficient.

Ready to discover how AI can help your teachers and students shine even brighter? 

Contact us to learn more about our Vendor Partners, including those with AI-powered solutions geared toward meeting your district’s assessment needs. Our team can also save you time and effort with our quote service.

Don’t forget to mention ILTPP once you’re ready to purchase! ILTPP members gain instant discounts when utilizing a pre-negotiated contract from an ILTPP Vendor Partner.

Amanda Bruns
Amanda Bruns
Member Engagement Manager, Learning Technology Center

Amanda leads the LTC's efforts to attract, engage, and support members of our free, statewide purchasing cooperative, ILTPP.

Sam Fishel
Sam Fishel
Digital Content Manager, Learning Technology Center

Sam leads and supports the execution and growth of LTC services through the development and creation of innovative, impactful, and timely digital content.