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Technology Documentation 2.0/CyberGuide

November 3
8:30 am - 9:20 am
Room: B7
Technology Infrastructure
Administrators, Technology Leaders/Support

Building on the highly-popular LTC Technology Documentation Guide, this 2.0 version includes many more resources, examples, a CyberGuide, timelines, and an aesthetically pleasing interface. This Technology Documentation Guide was created to help districts more effectively organize critical technology-related documents in a single digital repository. This provides for more seamless day-to-day operations, as well as improved continuity of operations during periods of personnel change. Using Google Drive, this guide allows you to categorize your documents in a consistent, easy-to-navigate folder structure. Links to these folders can be provided to individual team members, ensuring that access to proprietary information remains compartmentalized as needed. This guide also utilizes a ready-made Google Doc table of contents, which can be updated as your district’s technology environment grows and diversifies. This table of contents is already hooked up to the folder structure so you can make full use of it immediately without needing to update links.

Eric Muckensturm
Eric Muckensturm
Cybersecurity Specialist, Learning Technology Center

Eric provides a multitude of services to help Illinois public school districts improve their overall security posture and maturity, including through the implementation of standards, frameworks, and industry best practices.