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ParentSquare: “How to Enable Effective School-Home Communication While Securing Data and Protecting Student Privacy

November 3
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Technology Infrastructure
Administrators, Technology Leaders/Support

How can you ensure that your school-home communications tools comply with security and privacy standards, but don’t restrict communications? In this session we will discuss steps and criteria to help protect your school-home communications from data or privacy breaches, but still support vibrant, two-way dialogue between school and home. We’ll walk through the questions you should ask when evaluating a school-home communications platform, with a special focus on what to consider in terms of oversight, data security, and privacy. Leave with tips on how to maintain compliance with confidentiality and privacy laws like SOPPA and ensure student, educator, and family data is secure.

Jeremy Tignor
Jeremy Tignor
Senior Sales Director, Parent Square