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New Initiatives for Technology Leaders: Tips for the Selection, Vetting, and Purchasing Process

November 2
10:30 am - 11:20 am
Room: B4
Leadership/Professional Development
Administrators, Instructional Leaders, Technology Leaders/Support

Now more than ever, schools and districts are creating new technology leader positions from current or former classroom teachers, many of whom have little to no experience with volume purchasing for implementing school/district-wide changes. With budget challenges looming and schools/districts trying to ensure their return on investment with any major technology purchase, it’s crucial that the process for vetting something new is done right from the start.

Whether you’re new to technology leadership or have been in the game for a while, in this session you’ll learn a simple but thorough process for ensuring that any technology initiative gets the time and consideration it deserves before a full purchase and implementation.

Explore a proven process, including tips and tricks, to enhance your chances of success when introducing or supporting new initiatives.

Duane Shaffer
Duane Shaffer
Network and Information Technology Specialist, Learning Technology Center

Duane assists Illinois school districts with enhancing and maintaining their overall network and technology infrastructure, systems, processes, and applications.