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“How does your Cyber Stack Stack up?”

Wednesday, January 18
1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Room: Virtual
Cybersecurity, Data Privacy
Administrators, Teachers, Technology Leaders/Support


What does a good security stack look like?

Which security technologies should you deploy?
+SIEM Log Analytics
+Vulnerability Management
+PAM and Password Management
+Dark Web Monitoring
+SOC Monitoring
+Firewall Enhanced Firewall Analytics Tools
+Cyber User Awareness Education
+Policies and Processes

How to evaluate security technologies for selection.
+Develop Custom Evaluation Matrix
+Leverage Enterprise Evaluations: Gartner / Mitre
+Leverage Security Technology Vendors

How to purchase?
+Leverage Security Technology Vendors
+Leverage COOPerative Purchasing Organizations

How to effectively present cyber funding needs to your administration.

+Communicate Security Engineering is a distinct engineering discipline

+Demonstrate the ROI of your budget request.

+Potential Direct Costs

+Potential Indirect Costs

+IT Budget Forecasting Guidance

Chris Infante
Chris Infante
Director of Network Engineering, Forward Edge

Christopher Infante is the Director of Engineering and Cybersecurity at Forward Edge, a role that not only ecompasses Managed Services and Cybersecurity but also the Network Project team.