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Constructing and Supporting an E-Learning Plan In Your District

November 3
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Leadership/Professional Development
Administrators, Technology Leaders/Support

This session highlights the various data points, meeting structures, materials, and presentations leveraged by Elmhurst District #205 when constructing a modified synchronous and asynchronous e-Learning Plan in alignment with Public Act 101-0012.

Those in attendance will learn more about supporting virtual learning (from both an instructional and technical lens) and how to leverage district experiences during the pandemic to create a community approved plan supported by students, educators, administrators, and staff.

District leaders can leverage the materials in this session to create or modify their own district e-learning plans, or as a base for implementing other innovative structures in their districts.

Nicholas Stoyas
Nicholas Stoyas
Director of Instructional Technology, Elmhurst District 205

Nick Stoyas is a data informed, mission driven leader and current Director of Instructional Technology at Elmhurst District 205. He is a volunteer for Hope For the Day and has experience as a K-8 instructor, Associate Principal, and Curriculum and Instruction Manager for Computer Science. His experience is rooted in student-centered experiences and improving systematic efforts for targeted student learning and instructional outcomes.

Molly Marquardt
Molly Marquardt
Technology Support Specialist, Elmhurst SD 205