CS Discoveries Summer Workshop’s Computer Science Discoveries is an introductory computer science curriculum geared toward grade 6-10 students of all skill levels. Mapped to CTSA standards, the course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as problem-solving, programming, physical computing, user-centered design, and data, while inspiring students as they build their own websites, apps, animations, games, and physical computing systems.

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CS Fundamentals – Charleston

CS Fundamentals is an introductory workshop designed for elementary educators new to teaching computer science who want to explore how to begin teaching’s CS Fundamentals curriculum.

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Get your students ready for college and careers, as well as the AP Computer Science A exam, with CSA,’s new curriculum geared toward helping high school students learn real-world applications for their computer science skills.

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Illinois’ New Computer Science Standards

ISBE has recently published a new set of K-12 computer science learning standards. How can we as school leaders and classroom educators develop programs that align with these standards and meet expectations? Come discover how!

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