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Video in the Classroom

November 2
2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Instructional Coaches, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

Today’s students have been exposed to video and audio for learning and enjoyment purposes almost since birth. They are the YouTube generation. As teachers though, we need to ensure that the videos the students are consuming and creating are of high educational value. There are various free and paid products to help teachers utilize video in the classroom. These videos can be both mainstream as well as teacher or student-created. Learning how to curate resources, as well as create their own and ensure that students are not just passively watching them will be the focus of this session.

Research is very clear that the length of the videos that students are assigned is critical to their level of engagement. The longer the video, the less likely that students will gain sufficient learning from it.

We will look at free and paid tools to help with video creation, in particular, Screencastify and Flipgrid, and the tools inside programs like Class Dojo and SeeSaw. We will also look at how students can utilize the built-in screen capture tools on their Chromebooks to create videos. We will also discuss YouTube and how to share videos with students. We will also discuss mainstream movies and how to best utilize them in the classroom, there will be a paid tool focus here of the product Swank. We will also discuss how to ensure student engagement in the video with products such as Screencastify Subit, EdPuzzle, and PlayPosit (if these programs are still freemium).

Melissa Fierro
Melissa Fierro
Technology Integration Specialist, Kankakee School District 111

Melissa Fierro is the Technology Integration Specialist for Kankakee School District in Kankakee, IL, serving over 300 teachers, admin, and the rest with her own special brand of high-energy professional development. Melissa taught in the classroom for 16 years specializing in middle school math and science, with a project-based student-centered focus. As an ISTE Certified Educator, she loves showing and teaching others how to incorporate the ISTE Standards, digital citizenship, and a student as creator mindset into their classrooms, buildings, and districts.