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Ten Ideas to Incorporate Google Earth Into Your Classroom

November 4
9:50 AM - 10:40 AM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices
Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

While field trips have been limited, there are plenty of opportunities for you and your students to learn beyond your classroom’s four walls. For example, Google Earth can help your students explore locations near and far without even needing to sign a permission slip.

Over the app’s 20-year history, Google Earth has grown into a platform that allows students and educators alike to fully visualize their changing world, both from a bird’s eye view and at street level, with an impressive level of fidelity. The platform even utilizes satellite imagery dating back nearly 40 years, allowing users to view urban expansion, climate change, and diversifying energy sources as they incrementally change the face of our home planet.

Come explore what Google Earth has to offer classrooms across the curriculum! In no time at all, you’ll begin to see how this long-standing Google app can make exploration, analysis, and creation mainstays in your classroom.

Lisa Schwartz
Lisa Schwartz
Regional Educational Technology Coordinator | West Central Region, Learning Technology Center

Lisa develops and leads professional learning programs, trainings, and resources related to curricular integration, digital access, and technology infrastructure in western Illinois.

Melinda Keldermans
Melinda Keldermans
Instructional Coach, Riverton School District #14

Melinda Keldermans is in her 4th year as Instructional Coach at Riverton Middle School. She has worked at RMS for 16 years as an Aide, 5th grade teacher, 8th grade ELA, and now Instructional Coach. Spending time with her family is her favorite, but writing can definitely get her extremely excited as well.