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Successful Customer Service for IT Oriented Folks

November 3
1:00 PM - 1:50 PM
Technology Infrastructure
Technology Leaders/Support

Customer Service for IT Oriented Folks

Premise: To do our job effectively requires not only technical knowledge and skill but also excellent customer service.

Credentials: My entire 35+ career experience has centered on customer service in the technical arena. The last ten of which as an IT Director in the K-12 space.

Question: What is customer service in the education field and why is it important?

Presentation: The presentation will include a mix of stories, both failures and successes, that will answer the big question.

In short, we can be technically savvy and struggle because we forgot about the human factor. Customer service means that we need to listen and care about the folks we are supporting. It means getting out of our Tech caves and visiting principals, teachers, and classrooms to see what is really happening. Often in our line of work we are “fixing” the person as well as their tech. Good customer service builds trust capital for when things don’t go well or something is delayed. They know we care because we’ve cared before. In many ways, everyone in the school is our customer including students, staff, teachers, administrators, school boards, and parents. Obviously, some more often than others.

Key points (not in presentation order)
-Listen, believe, pull weeds
-Availability and timely response
-Keeping our commitments; being honest when we can’t
-Break out of the tech cave/build relationships
-Support, encourage, advance

Dale Heinold
Dale Heinold
IT Director/Teacher, Midland Community Unit School District 7

Dale has over 35 years of customer support experience in a variety of situations. He has managed retail, owned a service business, worked as a copier repair technician and networking engineer. For the past ten years Dale has served two school districts as their IT Director. Through those experiences he has come to appreciate the power of customer relationships.