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Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Better Schools and Societies

Monday, August 1
9:10 am - 10:00 am

Make it matter to students, and make the world a better place! By designing units around problem solving that enacts a positive change, you increase engagement, critical thinking, and authenticity.

Whether you’re teaching soil science, persuasive writing, area & volume, or historical perspectives, tossing a new app into your lessons isn’t necessarily improving student outcomes. Instead, redevelop existing lessons to focus on a meaningful end goal, and use technology to support the tasks they’ll do to reach that goal. Your students can build community gardens, advocate for social causes, and develop ADA-accessible products, but they need your guidance! Sprinkle in a little cooperation and competition, and you have a recipe for authentic, dynamic learning experiences with students in the driver’s seat.

Eric Santos
Eric Santos
Regional Educational Technology Coordinator | Chicagoland, Learning Technology Center

Eric develops and leads professional learning programs, trainings, and resources related to curricular integration, digital access, and technology infrastructure in the Chicagoland region.