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Open The Windows To Our World

November 3
3:40 PM - 4:30 PM
Digital Learning and Innovative Practices

This session will focus on giving classroom teachers the tools to easily bring real world experiences. locations, and items of cultural significance to their students who, in the era of pandemics, canceled field trips, and budgetary restraints, have missed out on exposure to important life and learning opportunities. Students will be able to create stunning visual project via Google Earth that will increase creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills; all while reinforcing traditional educational tools such as: reading, writing, measuring, and research skill sets. Teachers will see, that regardless of their content area, Google Earth can be used to help students understand the connectedness of our human existence. The theory put forth in this session will argue that experiential learning plays an important role in the development of our student in productive, intelligent, and compassionate human beings.

Participants will begin the session in a discussion regarding the importance of learning via action and experiences and why those experiences have become increasingly limited in recent years. The participants will then see how the simple use of a few in class tools can re-open the door to this type of learning. The instructor will then show examples of how this might look for a teacher and their students. Next, the instructor will demonstrate to the participants how to create with the tool and walk them through their own creation process. As participants leave, they will have created a sample project and learned how to teach their students to create their own “adventures”.

Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle
Instructional coach, Central School District #301

An educator since 1998, Michael taught 8th grade science and social studies teacher for 16 years before moving into the position of Instructional Coach in Central School District 301. Michael holds an undergraduate degree in History/Education from Illinois State University, and Masters Degrees in Educational Leadership and in Educational Technology. Most importantly, he enjoys sharing engaging educational tools with his teaching teams.