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ManagedMethods: 10 Easy Steps to Securing Your District’s Google & Microsoft 365

November 3
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Technology Infrastructure
Technology Leaders/Support

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you—and others. Do you have the visibility you need to control what students and staff are doing in their Google and Microsoft school accounts?

Staff are sharing documents containing sensitive information and using questionable 3rd party learning apps. Students are uploading inappropriate videos and images, connecting 3rd party apps, and engaging in other extracurricular activities inside your school-managed chat, email, and collaboration apps. This activity is not appropriate for school and puts your students, staff, and district at risk. Either you control the risky activities, or you pretend they’re not happening. Until it’s too late.

Securing your district’s data that is stored, accessed, and shared in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is your responsibility. In this session, we will walk through 10 common admin console security misconfigurations. You will come away with actionable steps to put in place stronger passwords, multi-factor authentication, file sharing standards, 3rd party app access, and more to protect your district at no additional cost—using the tools already at your disposal.

Branden Richey
Branden Richey
Account Executive, Managed Methods