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Making Chrome Shine

November 4
9:50 AM - 10:40 AM
Leadership/Professional Development
Instructional Coaches, Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

Google’s Chrome was designed to be a minimalistic web browser. It was built for speed and to make that happen, a lot of tools and options were left out. However, Google made room for innovation and adding functionality about which many people do not know. This session is designed to show some of the features built into Chrome that make it a powerful tool in the hands of the informed.
For instance, one of the most useful and under-utilized options in Chrome allows users to keep multiple versions of personalized Chrome browsers on the same device (either for multiple people or for multiple reasons). This allows two or more people to use Chrome on the same device and to each have their own personalized bookmarks and extensions that serve each individuals’ needs.
This session will seek to share these “secrets” with participants and help everyone involved to make Chrome personalized just for them. In addition I’ll share what extensions are and a few of my personal favorites for personal and professional use.

Dallas Turner
Dallas Turner
Educational Technologies Innovation Teacher, Rockford Public Schools

Dallas is an “educational enhancement engineer” (also known as a tech mentor) in the Rockford Public Schools, District #205. His official title in the district is Educational Technologies Innovation Teacher and he has been an #eDTech trainer for over 20 years and a tech coach for two and a half years. In his free time, Dallas plays with electronics and enjoys science fiction movies and science history books. He coached five teams to the finals of the Team America Rocketry Challenge and has presented several times at IDEAcon, ICE and the IETC. He has been the president of the Kishawaukee chapter of IDEA and has worked part-time as an ass’t pastor (they never decided if that was “assistant” or “associate”). Dallas is a creative person, but not don’t expect him to draw something that you will recognize; he loves to find different ways to solve problems and loves to flip problems on their head to find a new way of looking at them. He loves spreadsheets and finding ways to get them to do what he wants. His goal as a tech coach is to save teachers 2 minutes a day.