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Know Your (Copy)Rights : What Educators Can and Can’t Use

September 16
10:00 am - 10:50 am
Ethical Uses of Digital Resources
Library and Media Specialists, Teachers

This session is dedicated to learning to navigate the creative and legal side of digital literacy. We will investigate and simplify the answer to: Can I use this? Can I copy this? Is this free and fair to use?

Join me as we explore the different ins and outs of using and reusing work from the web. Topics covered: basic copyright law, fair use in education, the usability of digital materials, and tools available to use within my classroom and with students. You’re sure to leave with an understanding of how to follow best practices with copyright materials, art, and music.

Emily Pool
Emily Pool
Instructional Technology Coach, Learning Technology Center

Emily serves as an instructional technology coach who works to amplify and enrich lessons, trainings, and technology integration support in the Adams and Pike county region.