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King Phisher – Low Cost Phishing Campaign Tool

November 3
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Technology Infrastructure
Technology Leaders/Support

There are a number of services available to run phishing campaigns for schools to help evaluate how vulnerable your school is to phishing attacks and to educate your staff. These services can be expensive, and King Phisher is a low cost option that most in house tech teams should be able to setup and implement. Educators need to be aware of the cybersecurity risks to themselves and their schools and King Phisher may be a good option for many schools.

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
Technician, Dixon Public Schools

Paul Wilson started in the education tech world in 2015 after finishing 8 years in the active-duty Army. Paul administrates a wide range of systems from K-12 to military. Aside from normal day to day operations, he spends time coaching kids in programming, soldering, and other tech related skills.